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Found 9 results

  1. It looks like Britney is Niall’s muse in the studio. Is Niall’s toxic in the works?
  2. Another absolutely beautiful song released today, alongside BTS "Butter" The music video will be released in 7 hours. Niall is looking hotter than ever!
  3. In his interview SiriusXM’s Debatable on Wednesday, March 17, Zayn reveals that his favorite 1D bandmate is Niall Horan. "He makes the best music," he said during the radio interview. "Yeah, he makes better music than me. I'm a Niall fan." He also talked about Grammys, "It was nothing to do with the competition and rivalry. It was nothing personal in any sense. It was a broader statement to the whole organization. I believe there's a way about music that is made and doesn't even get an acknowledgement for certain reasons, political reasons, hand-shaking reasons, private performance reasons that we don't need to go into. I said everything I needed to say online," he explained about his previous Twitter missives. "Even if they nominated me at this stage, I wouldn't even go and accept the award because it doesn't mean anything to me. The entire organization doesn't represent anything, and I don't believe it showcases the best talent in the industry. I believe that they control what they want to control and they do what they want to do."
  4. My Internet was acting funny all day. I thought it was because my router was bugging, but nope... Niall Horan broke the web with a new shirtless photo. Thots, Exhale? Related:
  5. There was buzz that the guys were gonna get together again for a One Direction reunion, but Niall put the kibosh on that. He says it's absolutely not happening. Awkward... cause Liam kinda hinted that they would. It makes sense though. Harry and Niall are both main pop boys and Zayn is having a baby. Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson must be devastated. Exhale, were any of you low-key hoping this would happen like me? Sorry @Spicechinodiva
  6. Niall Horan's new album Heartbreak Weather is out. We got any Niall fans up in here? https://open.spotify.com/album/5gdoRB1AUsGnScCuZ8gmPp?si=FyHFTXW4RSuzRp5EPoNHuQ
  7. The dynamic between the 1D members is... interesting. For the most part, it feels like they don't have much of a relationship anymore. Niall was asked about Zayn, and he had this to say: Zayn just seems super super low-key and private. Do we have any 1D fans here in Exhale? What do we think?
  8. Niall Horan was partying with Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello and said Shawn was pushing him to take (Lil Jon voice) shots, shots, shots. I'm intrigued
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