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  1. Without ever treating Britney himself or having access to Britney's medical records Dr. Drew Pinsky claims Britney has Bi Polar disorder and that the C Ship worked beautifully. Dr. Drew claims she has severe mental illness and claims that no one can do anything to her unless she becomes gravely ill or loses her ability to take care of herself she can't go back into a c ship. Britney Spears Talks Nerve Damage Trauma in IG Post, Wants to Forgive Parents WWW.TMZ.COM Britney Spears is back with another rambling IG post ... and this time she's talking about forgiving those she claims contributed to her health woes.
  2. She's at #9 and the only female- possibly will only be the female ever- to enter the top 10 with Pink Friday 2 grossing over $67M and still counting. It joins her current records as the Female rapper with best-selling digital album, best-selling single, most entries on the hot 100, 100 million+ pure sales and the best-selling female rapper of all time. Are you surprised? 15 years in the game and still breaking records left and right, and being over 40 years old at that. She really did win. Are you shocked?
  3. Let me preface by saying this is my opinion. This is all alleged and my conclusion is based on the purported FACTS of the past 15 years. First, hi Team Con How does it feel to NO LONGER OWN BRITNEY SPEARS as if she's your property? How does it feel that she has completely put walls around her so you don't have access to her in real-time anymore? You have NO IDEA what she's up to!!! How does it feel you didn't succeed in destroying her for rebelling against your control? How does it feel that she is DELIBERATELY demeaning her brand on Instagram and REFUSING to work despite your endless smear campaigns to force her back to work? "She loves the Free Britney movement. The support from the fans lifts her up. And makes [Britney] feel stronger." - Maxi, 2020 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Let's get to talking about the facts NO ONE LIKES TO TALK ABOUT now shall we? Lou M. Taylor has publicly stated on record that Irving Azoff is her mentor. Irving Azoff was the CEO of the monopoly that is TicketMaster. Irving Azoff was ALSO a MAJOR investor in the creation of our favorite & most reputable news source: TMZ !!!!!! (according to Courtney Love) Larry Rudolph works for Live Nation (Maverick) which later merged with TicketMaster (TSwift fans are suing them). TicketMaster has a contract with venues. So TicketMaster/LiveNation are going to benefit from artists' tours. So if all these people are in bed with one another, well then that explains the TMZ narrative post conservatorship! "Britney, if you get back to work, then we will stop our 2007-reminiscient smear campaigns of you" (That was the thesis of the latest TMZ documentary. "Get back to work Britney and you'll be golden!!!!") I believe that the people who have bullied the entire entertainment industry into silence to not defend Britney are not Jamie Spears & Lou Taylor. The people with the MOST power are the people in the background that CONTROL the venues/the ability to book shows for entertainers. So let's say a guy named Irv tells a celebrity that wants to speak out against Britney's conservatorship: Irv could potentially say "Not gonna book those venues for you if you say anything about this." "I'm going to tank your tour." In turn, big "influencers" like the Kardashians are in bed with the human trafficker that is Lou Taylor because they love wealth and have all their businesses/money in her control. We are so heavily manipulated by "influencers" like the Kardashians because they believe the general public won't put all the pieces together. The Kardashians have MULTIPLE failed businesses because of low quality and uninspired ideas. They've been sued for stealing ideas off of others for years. KK Beauty anyone? That's out of business now. Before Britney, Lou Taylor had no A-list clients. Matthew Rosengart summed it up well stating that she build her client roster off the back of Britney Spears. All in all, many people PROFITTED OFF OF BRITNEY'S MISERY AND FANS MISERY. Fans fighting so hard to get tickets via TicketMaster shouldn't be the reality. Let's DEMAND JUSTICE. DO NOT SUPPORT THESE CRIMINAL BUSINESSES WITH YOUR MONEY. DO NOT GIVE CLICKS OR VIEWS TO TMZ. CALL OUT TMZ'S BS. CALL OUT TMZ'S CONNECTION TO IRVING AZOFF. CALL OUT the billionaires with the real power (Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Caesar's Entertainment) How coincidental was it that the January 2023 911 call for the "welfare check" on Britney came on the same day as the #BreakUpTicketmaster campaign TSwift fans started and the rally on the U.S. Capitol hearings. Let's not let Britney's suffering be in vain. Why do you think Matthew Rosengart is now working pro-bono? (short for the Latin phrase pro bono publico, which means "for the public good.") Britney in 2009: "It was all basically set up. There were no dr**s in my system. No alcohol. No nothing. It was pure abuse" - Britney in 2022 Let's fully unite again BArmy. Britney deserves justice. The fans deserve justice. Free Britney was a success. Let's make Justice For Britney a success. @Jordan Miller@GlitterRain @Mx_Defying@JayTawndre@Flavor Of Love @dulcaewm @Ghoulia @Steel Magnolia @notedyourhonor @DiamondCircus @easy
  4. The Source With Kaitlan Collins : CNNW : May 17, 2024 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT : Free Borrow & Streaming : Internet Archive ARCHIVE.ORG Kaitlan Collins is chasing the facts, asking the tough questions and connecting with her sources.
  5. Britney Spears' parents 'fear' star 'could die' after recent behavior as dad Jamie 'may intervene' to help daughter WWW.THE-SUN.COM BRITNEY Spears has sparked concern over her mental health in recent months and The U.S. Sun...
  6. Nelly Furtado is back! I think this is the lead for her upcoming album and it sounds like it's gonna be a club banger! Eat your man last summer and now Love Bites this summer. Production sounds hot! May 22nd it releases and by then hopefully some news about the album. Here's hoping she does a full video and everything for it.
  7. Madonna tries to take on the title of history teacher but has probably not read a single history book in her entire life. In a recent post on her instagram page, Madonna (queen of pop - nothing more) posted a pro Israel propaganda video about the events unfolding between Palestine and Israel. The caption: "What is happening in Israel is Devastating.. Watching all of these families and especially children being herded, assaulted and mur***ed in the streets is heartbreaking. Imagine if this was happening to you? It's in-fathomable. Conflicts can never be resolved with violence. Unfortunately, humanity does not understand the Universal truth. Has never understood it. We live in a world ravaged by hate. My heart goes out to Israel. To families and homes that have been destroyed. To children who are lost. To innocent victims who have been killed. To all who are suffering or who will suffer from this conflict. I'm praying for you. I am aware that this is the work of Hamas and there are many innocent people in Palestine who do not support this terrorist organisation. This tragic attack will only cause more suffering for everyone. Let us pray. For Israel. 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 For Peace. For the world." ***** PLEASE! Your double standards are appalling! You cannot choose to remain silent when innocent palestinians have been killed, ****, evicted, slaughtered everyday since the creation of the State of Israel. And then break your silence when it suits you, check you brain for brainwashing, read history books, unlearn and re-educate yourself. And remember that *****, you're just Madonna, a material girl, not a history professor. Ps. This is not to condone the killing of civilians or innocent people. Free Palestine. Free Britney.
  8. Britney Spears is in increasing danger of hurting herself or others, or even worse ... so say numerous people in and around her life, and they are scared for her and believe the only path for long-term survival is another conservatorship. Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, Britney's mental health has been in a tailspin since the conservatorship ended. They say she often is not taking the meds that stabilize her, and she is drinking and using various dr**s which is especially dangerous, because she has substance abuse problems that sent her to rehab multiple times. Britney Spears Needs Conservatorship, New Reporting on dr**s & Surveillance WWW.TMZ.COM Britney Spears is in increasing danger of hurting herself or others, or even worse ... so say numerous people in and around her life, and they are scared for her and believe...
  9. "Britney’s been on a downward spiral for a while now," a source claimed. Per the insider, before the cops were called to the swanky California hotel, Spears and Soliz "had been drinking at the hotel bar to the point where they were cut off from ordering more booze." “They were loud and intoxicated, and guests were complaining about the noise," the insider alleged. "She was in a celebratory mood. "Britney was obviously intoxicated and got hurt. She’s surrounded by enablers who aren’t looking after her either," the source added. One of those people has been Spears' new man, who has allegedly not positively influenced her. "When Britney likes a guy, his past doesn't come into the equation. She loves bad boys, they give her a thrill," the insider noted of their romance. Britney Spears Has 'Been on a Downward Spiral for a While,' Claims Insider: 'She' Surrounded by Enablers' OKMAGAZINE.COM According to insiders, Britney Spears' erratic behavior hasn't been anything new following her scary outburst at the Chateau Marmont.
  10. He says her business manager (Michael Kane), her assistant and or bodyguards are all colluding to control her money again. He says "I don't believe we should force her to get better if she doesn't want to. Most people with addiction or mental health issues are not in conservatorships. The only reason we should put Britney in one is because of all her money? The sad part about all of it is if Britney continues down the path she is on she will be dead. I still don't think she should be put in a conservatorship. "
  11. I don't claim to have all the answers, but hexes are a vile business. Only God and your own high frequency can shield you from them! What do you think? Anyway, guard yourself up from all these hexers lurking in here! Britney is a child of God, even if she's struggling to believe in Him right now. She's protected, and all the curses thrown her way haven't been able to touch her. I mean just look at her face!!!! 🪽🤍
  12. Two decades ago, LaChapelle was the epitome of metropolitan glam... LaChapelle doesn’t regularly photograph celebrities anymore... He thinks back to many of the stars he photographed 20 years ago. “Britney and Paris were trailblazers – we don’t have people like that in the zeitgeist anymore. There was nobody like those women. There wasn’t a Lil’ Kim before Lil’ Kim. There wasn’t a Paris Hilton before Paris Hilton. There weren’t people in the world in such a way before.” Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/art/features/david-lachapelle-interview-britney-dirrty-video-b1724929.html
  13. Cher, a supporter of the #FreeBritney movement, has reportedly filed for a conservatorship over her son Elijah to control access to his money. In documents filed this week, Cher claims her 47-year-old son is "substantially unable to manage his own financial resources due to severe mental health and substance abuse issues." The documents state Elijah is entitled to regular payouts from a trust set up by his late father, musician Gregg Allman, but Cher is worried the money will immediately go toward dr**s rather than basic living necessities. Cher says she's in the best position to serve as conservator over Elijah and notes his two siblings have also given their stamp of approval. Cher also claims Elijah's estranged wife is undermining Elijah's attempts to receive mental health and substance abuse treatment. A court hearing to decide is scheduled for March 6th, 2024.
  14. Ever wonder why Britney looks so stunning without needing a dose of Just Eat(ing) Ozempic like some of other pop stars? She's naturally stunning, unlike some pop stars who seem to rely on Photoshop as if their entire career hinges on it. If only they had the guts to show their real faces. This video is so cute, I had to post it! ❤️
  15. Does she ever sleep? Lover: 4 editions Folklore: 8 deluxe CD, 8 deluxe LP, Deluxe casette edition Evermore: 8 versions/10 digital Midnights: over 20 versions/digital over 20 versions Speak Now (TV): minimally 4 editions and digital 4 editions 1989 (TV): 11 editions/minimally 6 digital editions The Tortured Poets Department: 4 versions/digital 11 versions 4 cds/4 vinyl, 4 casette, target + 3 new farting editions = 16 @Neydelinska Spearsi @princessmimi
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