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Found 8 results

  1. Music videos are starting to lose creativity and originality. I remember growing up when VH1 and MTV played music videos before school started early in the morning. What would you say are your top three favorite music videos? 1. Stronger- Britney Spears Britney outdid herself in this one. The confidence. Her look. Her ability to just own everything in this video. This is also one of my all time favorite songs. Nothing about this music video is mediocre. she set the bar for any 2000s solo female artist, and not another singer has measured up. This is why she will always remain the true Princess of Pop. 2. Physical- Dua Lipa Dua Lipa had a lot to prove in her second album. And she did it with this song and video. It’s a shame that this was not successful in the US because IMO this tops Don’t Start Now. She showed that she has the ability to be a main pop girl after the criticism she received. Great video. 3. Bad Romance- Lady Gaga Need I say more??? What are your top three?!
  2. This thread is kind of complicated, but just follow the instructions and my examples, you'll good to go. Instructions: Template: Example 1: Holy Trinity • By The Grace Of God • Double Rainbow • Ghost Top 5 Favorite Tracks 1. Walking On Air 2. This Is How We Do 3. Birthday 4. It Takes Two 5. Unconditionally Least Favorite Track • This Moment Favorite Lyrics • Double Rainbow, "Our chemistry was more than science" Example 2: Holy Trinity • the light is coming • no tears left to cry • get well soon Top 5 Favorite Tracks 1. R.E.M 2. everytime 3. sweetener 4. goodnight n go 5. God is a woman Least Favorite Track • better off Favorite Lyrics • get well soon, "You can work your way to the top / Just know that there's up and downs, and there's drops" Yours?
  3. With extravagant and fancy productions snipped in short storylines, Katy Perry is notably one of the acts who revolutionized the standards of music videos in the modern platform. And in light of the Pokemon's anthemic soundtrack, Electric, channeling her Katy Hudson days as she journeys from singing in farmer's market to becoming the pop icon we know today — here are the detailed lists of Perry's videography, ranking them from worst to best. Top 3 Worst Music Videos 3. Birthday (75M views) Despite PRISM being a lighthearted album, Birthday pushes through the extremities of entertainment in offensive ways possible. Dubbed as 'The World's Worst Birthday Party Entertainers', the impressive prosthetic disguises and Perry's convincing acts have not failed the viewers to feel guilty after cracking a grin, witnessing the comedic and terrible stunts with the celebrants. 2. Not The End Of The World (18M views) Embracing the resemblance with Zooey Deschanel, Perry's 'twin' sister has no qualms playing as her substitute in the short sci-fi flick, accompanying the worst track from Smile. The reference is already spoiled and old, making the music video unengaging. Also, the intentional low-budget aesthetic is so bland. 1. Swish Swish (640M views) The potential of Swish Swish to save the Witness era from chart embarrassment went down eventually. The music video is trend-chase, messy and a losing streak of Perry's consistent videography — an insult to Swish's fiery and club-banging grooves. Best Music Videos: Honorable Mentions Top 10 Best Music Videos 10. This Is How We Do (759M views) The music video is eye-candy, consisting of Perry's phenomenal fashion looks — from summer-y spandex crop tank and skirt to s-xy pepperoni pizza swimsuit. She has once again proved her undying appeal to pull off even the campiest dress, just get past those problematic cornrow braids. 9. Part Of Me (872M views) Portraying a broken-hearted woman, this will not be the first time Perry had her hair cut short as she joins the marines to move on from her cheating husband. The badass and convincing training scenes are exemplary, though they might be stereotypical at some point. Nonetheless, the dedication and efforts of Perry's team are laudable, knowingly the song and music video hit closer to her heart after the divorce with Russell Brand in 2012. 8. E.T. (593M views) The remix with Kanye West does not only elevate the track, but the accompanying video makes this fourth consecutive No.1 single from Teenage Dream an exceptional pop-perfect song. The cinematography and visuals are adroitly crafted while Perry is serving her alien robes out in the vacuum of space. The abrupt images of dying deer has effectively delivered weird and creepy vibes as it highlights the out-worldly nature of the music video. 7. 365 (135M views) Perry can act and this music video with Zedd is the prime example to prove that. The sci-fi love story casts her as a prototype android that temporarily lives with the human subject, Zedd, under research observation. The cinematography and aesthetic of the music video can easily match the quality of most movies produced by major studios. In addition, the dark and serious tones are beautifully crafted to cinematic scenes that captivate the viewers — and that glowing android eyes are really impressive. 6. Bon Appétit (1.1B views) Perry sashays away from the younger audience she usually targets following the release of her most controversial music video to date. The negative notations surrounding the pixie haircut, cannibalism and Illuminati speculations overshadowed the genius and underlying message behind the visuals. It figuratively exposes the s-xual objectification towards women and being manipulated by big companies and corporations. The concept is bold and unique as the process of preparing a five-star [Perry] Michelin is alluring enough to witness the human pie at the end of the video. 5. The One That Got Away (834M views) If the song alone moves you to tears, then the music video will double that heavy feeling. This modern take to Jack and Rose's tragic love story has been a fan-favorite, not only because of how relatable it already is, but the realism with the visuals is very persuasive. The music video is well structured, from the opening with Perry's senior years to the flashbacks of her young love, and the denouement where she revisits her deceased lover. 4. Wide Awake (960M views) It shares a similar message with its sister single, Part Of Me, but ventures into Alice In Wonderland's take of moving on. The music video feels warm especially if you have seen her 2012's music documentary as she references her previous album, singles and tour. There's still a serious undertone to it, showing how Perry is able to overcome the bitter sides of separation, media exposure and self-insecurities. And the symbolism of her innocence [younger self] guiding her present self of making better decisions are something we could take as an advice. 3. Firework (1.3B views) The music video lives up to the song's expectations as it distances itself from Perry's flamboyant persona. The concept has a universal appeal to it, having no complication with its intention to spread positivity. The simple yet familiar representations of domestic violence, *******uality, bullying and body image issues make the video emotional, relatable and personal, as everyone has metaphorically shoots firework out of their chests — meaning the light is always inside your heart. 2. Waking Up In Vegas (94M views) Perry's extravagant and fancy visuals are actually started back in 2009 — long before she puts on the blue wig, and this dazzling music video can attest to that. The storyline does not have a heavy narrative, but is easy to remember as the Vegas couple journeys their way to gambling success. The sequence of the scenes are fun and bright as it offers Perry's showgirl appeal. And with the glamorous Elvis dress up, glitters and bright lights, you might have missed the ultimate lesson behind the music video — sometimes it takes luck to succeed, but it takes discipline to keep it. 1. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (1.3B views) Star-studded? Check. Petty love story? Check. Quick makeover? Check. The final piece to Perry's Spotlight Award has not only cemented her status as a pop giant at the time, but also secured her influence in bubblegum aesthetic. Just within the eight minute running time, the music video delivers an entertainment pack of gimmicks — like the ridiculous love triangle between Kathy, Everett and some 'nameless jock'. It is very engaging in comedic sense as they compared their rivalry to a sword fight. And the cameo of Queen Of The Friday, Rebecca Black, gives a perfect hand performing a 30-second makeover to Kathy Beth Terry. And though Feldman and Gibson's references are kind of dated, it still suited the throwback sense of the video. To conclude, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) is widely influenced by an 80s aesthetic that Perry admits she's obsessed with, and undoubtedly the perfect visual representation of who Katy Perry is — party best friend, goofball, retro and colorful pop star. What y'all think of my rankings?
  4. We are almost halfway through the year, and a lot of big names in the music industry had already offered their contribution for the first quarter. And with the upcoming summer season — anticipating the promised blasts and bangers from Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey and many more — share your favorite songs of 2021 at the moment, before the new waves flood our playlist. Here's mine: What about yours?
  5. With the current trap-oriented music trend, I just realized how the rock genre has already left the bubble. It's not like they don't exist anymore, but the way they spark a hit song these days is once in a blue moon. 1990's, 2000's and early 2010's are probably the metal, grunge, punk, alt and rock genres' golden ages. I am on listening spree within these genres, and realized to give them some love by creating this topic. And here are my five favorite bands: 1. Blur 2. Kodaline 3. The Ting Tings 4. Gorillaz 5. The Script Love to hear what are your favorite bands, and recommendations.
  6. What was the first album that you bought? Mine was She Wolf by Shakira... a classic
  7. What was the album that you listened to the most as a teen and that brings you instant nostalgia or what album do you think is the one that is defining your current teen years? For me i'd say Selena's Revival
  8. Bad Bunny has become a LGBTQ+ icon. First, he stood up for Alexa Luciano Ruiz, a Puerto Rican transgender woman that was ******** after having the police called on her for using the women's restroom. After the media described Alexa as "a man in a skirt," Bad Bunny performed on The Tonight Show wearing a skirt and a shirt that said (translated) "They killed Alexa, not a man in a skirt." Next, Bad Bunny released Yo Perreo Sola (translated to "I Twerk Alone"). The music video featured a Bad Bunny in drag twerking on himself and ended the video with a message that said (translated), "If she doesn't want to dance with you, respect her. She twerks alone." The song and video both brought attention to the LGBTQ+ community, encouraged feminism, discouraged harassment, and broke gender roles. Not only has Bad Bunny been praised for these actions, but he has been praised for breaking the toxic masculinity and gender roles that are common in Latinx culture. It's incredible brave and commendable for a straight man to be standing up for such a macho-dominated culture. I recently came across an article on The Guardian discussing Bad Bunny's role as a LGBTQ+ icon. The article discusses how he has gathered praise from queer media, as well as queer icons like Ricky Martin. However, it also discusses how Bad Bunny is relatively new to this role and how it can be problematic that a straight male is getting more recognition for this than other actual queer artists. They argue that maybe we should be more careful about celebrating straight allies more than celebrating actual queer celebrities. They provided the example of Nick Jonas, a straight ally, frequently being hailed as well. What are your thoughts on the article? For me personally, I completely disagree with the article. I think this comment on /r/popheads sums it up perfectly: Thoughts? Should we be celebrating Bad Bunny as a queer icon as much as we have been?
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