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Found 5 results

  1. Sometimes we push away our emotions and feelings because we think we can't express ourselves freely or that people will judge us. But we can't think like that. We were born with purpose. It takes knowing that vulnerability is okay and it's okay to show that side of yourself. You shouldn't feel judged in any way .... If anyone is struggling you're not alone .... xoxo
  2. So I’ve been on ThatsSoBolds App which lots of people are joining for Tea and News, I’ve been seeing this account post nothing but Tory, and it finally clicked that it was actually Megan behind the account after she posted never before seen photos of her on the app before posting them on Instagram days later. She made post about Nicki Minaj saying she looks better than her, speaks on the Tory case and says he had ***ual intercourse with Kylie and her BF. Thoughts? https://we.tl/t-uGJutr0vdz
  3. I am a cocoa person myself DISCUSS i have a Disney mug :lo
  4. Which do you guys prefer, coffee or tea?
  5. In his 2014 Book. LA Reid describes how He lost his job at the head of Island Def Jam when Lucian Grange took over Universal Music group. In 2005 Mariah Carey released her comeback album "The Emancipation of Mimi" while a huge seller in the US and Globally. La was concerned about the sales in the UK. Mimi as of today only sold 600,000 in the UK. Its double platinum. But not the numbers LA reis was hoping for. He calls Lucian to address his concerns about the lack of Sales. Lucian told him the album was too "Urban" for British audiences. That they were sending the files to be remixed for British audiences. LA reid was fuming mad as understandably. The UK version was ultimately cancelled when LA reid and Mimi threatened lucian and UMG UK with a lawsuit. In 2013. Lucian was hired as the new CEO of Universal music group in the US. LA Reid immediately knew his days were up at Island def jam. He was right. Lucian fired him over that phone call and refusing to all the UK version of Mimi to be released. LA also thinks this is why Chanteuse also flopped. Lucian refused to push and just kept delaying the album wanting Mariah to do a edm album instead of an R&B and hip hop album. He only issued it. When he realized it was her final album under her 2002 deal. She fulfilled it. But she knew he wasn't willing to negotiate a new deal with her.
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