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28 minutes ago, Jahudka said:

to me twerking is really not classy...brit was always seexy but i na classy way...but maybe I am too old already..otherwise it is similar

Twerking is a dance style, not everyone can execute it. She’s hardly twerking but booty popping a 4 count or complex choreography. SHE is the closest we will ever get to prime Britney and she’s consistently getting better. You’re seasoned and accustomed to Britney’s ****, sultry self which cannot be replicated by just anyone. This is 20 years post-primeney and I’m here for it. She deserves her flowers 💐 


she’s a Brit stan and featured in Britney’s best music video of the last decade, which was paid dust like most of Nashe’s career cause let’s be real white America prefer white women. 

#StreamSlumberParty and #Nasty

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Some of the moves are definitely Britney, but I get some Beyoncé too… which I don’t really like. 

On a side note, it looks so weird to me when singers dance to their own VOCALS and not lipsynch. :teigen_chrissy_eek_awkward_um_cringe: Makes them look like dancers rather than performers. I don’t care if it’s a 20 year old recording, move your lips! 

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As far as excellent dancing and performing, yes! 

Britney's choreo was a little toned down from this performance though. I think it reminds me more of Christina's Dirty video. Over the top risqué however these days it's more accepted. And this was for a late night show.

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16 minutes ago, Britney Baby said:

Yes for sure

Tinashe seems like she has a natural stage presence, like she's not even trying, she makes it look so easy, and she's not tryhard like the other girls like that tyla girl and tate mcray , they don't have that same thing going on, they're good tho but Tinashe is on another level, you can tell she's been doing this for 10 years now , she's a professional 

And Tinashe always has amazing choreo

I love her so much i've been following her since 2014 

Me too! Although I love the songs she seems to hate or her poppier songs. I stan 2 On, All Hands On Deck, Party Favors, Company, Flame, Me So Bad, No Drama, Die A Little Bit, Throw A Fit and Dance Like Nobody’s Watching. I’m loving Nasty and it’s making me want to give her newer stuff a listen. The R&B sound can get a bit dull 

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