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Saving Britney: Looking back, this 2023 Houseinhabit Article Was The Truth

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HouseInHabit Article

  • Britney's post-conservatorship struggles detailed with the grim reality she might be looking to people like Cade and now Paul Soliz for her "fix-up", both Britney and Kevin have run-down homes, and strained relationships.
  • Media's continued horrible treatment of villainizing Britney for traumas countless people face contributes to Britney's struggles. She reads everything.
  • Discomfort with Britney's online presence has led to the public questioning Free Britney.
  • Witnessing Britney's court plea contrasted with media portrayal of "crazy" Britney.
  • Concerns from old friends about Britney's well-being and her "decline" after being put on Lithium in 2019. ("But what I thought was most concerning is that Jansen claims when Britney entered the facility she sounded the “best she had in ages,” but reemerged a completely different person, unrecognizable to those closest to her. What we are all wondering now is why? What did they do to her there? And what, at this point, can any of us do to possibly help save her?"
  • Lynne Spears is desperate to connect with her daughter.
  • Cade Hudson is the alleged gatekeeper and the most influential person in Britney's life.
  • Britney's close relationship with Victoria Asher (Vicky T) caused tension with Cade Hudson & he fired her.
  • Britney's reclusive behavior includes isolating herself in her mansion, neglecting her dogs, and lashing out.
  • Kevin's financial exploitation and the family's concern that Britney's sons are left with no money because of Kevin's wife's gambling addiction. 
  • Sources close to Britney hope for an intervention to help Britney. Jodi Montgomery, Cade, and Sam failed to have one in early 2023 because she was onto them.

    I was able to get the full substack paid article so here is what you are not able to read unless you are a member:

    I'm told that Preston spends most of his time with his girlfriend's family because they "are normal."He tags along on their family vacations and spends most nights during the week at their home.

    Jayden, closest to his mother, misses her but refuses to take any of her phone calls because of the stress it puts on him.

    As for the TV special they filmed over a 9 month span earlier this year with Daphne's production crew, the drama apparently erupted in March, when the narrative flipped on the Federlines. Daphne revealed that Kevin asked (and received) a five figure payout after the interview wrapped but they pushing hard to trash Britney in the series and a book they planned to publish.

    When Daphne and her publishing company refused to spin it the way Kevin and Victoria wanted, relations between all parties grew contentious. Kevin invited them in - to profit from his concern - but in doing so, the tables turned and now Kevin is denying the bombshell claims included this article. He say’s he never named the **** Britney was addicted to and feels they were taken advantage by Daphne’s team. But everything published is apparently on film, so the Mail has refused to retract any of the allegations published in the piece.

    I heard the phone calls and counted the refusals.

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Went back and read it after texts of Cade and houseinhabit were posted which are likely from this time.

If you connect the dots, it's all starting to make sense. Cade was 1 of the sources for the article.

Cade likely wanted an intervention with Jodi Montgomery but felt conflicted because he didn't want to retraumatize Britney by forcing her into anything like the conservatorship did.

This is all too heartbreaking.


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I just want Britney to be ok, as fans this is upsetting and sad and we can't do anything about it. What happened during these three years after the conservatorship ended that led to this path. At the begining everything seem well, she seemed confident and strong, now I see her and I don't recognize her.


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8 minutes ago, Neydelinska Spearsi said:

Cade needs to permanently **** off. Nobody likes him, nobody believes him. Even a blind person can tell he's the one that's been causing ****loads of problems.

This. He just doesn't seem to care enough about her to go to the media and publicly defend her.

Also, this article is not the truth. Houseinhabit (who's besties with Daphne Barak) said Britney was on m e t h.

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it just saddens me that her life has come to this, after fighting for freedom, working her whole life.. she’s surrounded by absolute trash, her kids turned their back on her, no decent family to speak of - I can’t imagine that this is the life she imagined for herself when she started out. She deserves so much better, the thing that saddens me is whether or not she actually knows this. 

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