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I still know what you did last summer, a sequel that destroyed a potential horror franchise

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Released in November 1998, I still know what you did last summer, finds Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt) fighting for her life, Ray (Freddie Prinze, Jr in a glorified cameo role is secondary) with Karla (Vocal Bible Brandy in her only theatrical film to date), Mekhi Phiffer and Matthew Settle (a very much surprising twist character Will Benson or as he said in his revealing monologue as a villain Ben's Son, to where everybody said, I never want to be around a son of a serial killer and hear Them say Hi, dad knowing they were in on the set up to my ****** as well)..


Unfortunately this film saw the fisherman (Muse Watson) fail to become the horror icon Like Ghostface did..


In 2006, a straight to DVD 3rd sequel with no relation to the first two films and a canceled Gen z Amazon prime TV show, proved the failure of last summer becoming a successful franchise like Scream did..


On another note, Brandy's mom put an iron clad no negotiations at all, that her daughters character wasn't to be ******** by the fisherman. 


@Simply JayTawndre...

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I enjoyed that movie and watch it more than the first one. Yeah, it's a cheesy slasher film set in a Caribbean resort, I don't expect it to be 'Scream' level quality. I don't agree that this could have been a franchise. How many times can a fisherman hunt people to get revenge for what they did last summer? Even if they introduce a new cast like in the third one, it's just not a premise you can do again and again and again like Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, etc.  

Interesting note on Brandy's contract. Her character did barely make it, and now I know why. 

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