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Melanie C begins promotion for her book My life as the sporty one

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Melanie C is promoting her memoir and spilled tea on being a Spice girl, She says Victoria Beckham is involved creatively and Still active but, can't perform.


She was petrified for the Olympics, cos it's no longer Victoria Beckham a Spice girl, she's bigger than us, as a fashion designer, so that pressure on not letting Both worlds down scared her a lot..


So she's there, but fans need to understand she's not coming back as a full time member, but we can sell merchandise with her, cos she still involve somewhat.


I learned before the Istanbul gig she was ***ually assaulted..


Spice Girls had explicit music, typical girl group stuff at the time, but tracks like Serial killer, See you Next Tuesday (if your still alive) was very Lily Allen Tracks, but wouldn't have been accepted by the marketing..

A fan reminded me "Spice" was very risque "2 Become 1", "Last time lover", and of course "Naked", very much in line with TLC and other groups at the time.

But name me a genius idea in doing a kid's friendly album like "Spiceworld", you can't.

The whole idea of marketing as a children's band. How else would a British camp band like the spice girls work in the united states of America..


That was genius and it worked cos it had to happen, Steps and S Club 7 FAILED cos of bad marketing to US music audiences.


@Jordan Miller












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