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Should Britney change label for B10?

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1 hour ago, ForeverAStan said:

Can she change her label? 

About to ask that too. 

From what I heard I thought she had one more album under her contract? 🤔


Correct me if I'm wrong but that's what I always read in conversations 

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1 hour ago, ForeverAStan said:

Can she change her label? 

Don’t know for sure. But now that she’s out of her conservatorship, it might be that the deals that were signed when she was under a conservatorship are no longer valid now that she’s not under one anymore.

Britney’s in a very unique circumstance, it’s not like we have tons of past examples where we can say for 100% certainty that record deals signed for conservators hold up when that conservatorship ends. They might. But they also might not.

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If she signed a deal w/ RCA for a specific amount of albums then that's probably. not possible. She needs to fulfill this last album (I believe she has 1 more before the contract is fulfilled). After B10 I assume she'll wanna go independant and create her own label for newer pop girls/artists coming up or sign to another label, preferably Columbia

HOWEVER, because she signed to RCA in 2011 when JIVE dissolved....she was def in the C-ship so legally speaking does that kind of null in void the contract that her handlers signed for her? Especially since she had already made 3 albums since 2011. I assume at some point as the court battle continues/ extends to trial that THAT would be on the docket 

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