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  1. TMZ shut up. You spin stuff so that it always looks like the worst case scenario for Britney. I’ll only care if charges are actually filed. Until that happens I’ll just assume you and TeamCon are up to the same old crap.
  2. What do I think of Bryan? Not much honestly. But I do think he should prepare to be in this position again.
  3. Vets can’t just hand off pets to random dog sitters, even if those dog sitters know the dogs. If those dogs were as “ill” and “close to death” as TMZ said, the proper authorities would have been called by the vet, and they wouldn’t have been returned so easily. Just more proof that we should never trust TMZ and TeamCon. Glad the woman is no longer working for Britney. Good riddance.
  4. This is probably my favorite post conservatorship performance. I go back and watch it a lot.
  5. Glad they wrote this article. Friends: Britney’s Free now. Me: No she’s not, not yet. Friends: Yes she is. I’ve seen multiple different news channels and they all said the same thing, she’s free. Me: Tries to explain *gets looked at like I’m a crazy person* At least now I point them to a news source and this article if they want to read it.
  6. I think BOMT was the perfect debut single for Britney. However since you said that’s not allowed I’ll pick another. Hmm would this still be 1998 with 16 year old Britney? A lot of her later songs would probably be too far ahead of their time for 1998 and might flop because people just aren’t ready for those sounds yet. Or even just wouldn’t be lyrically a good fit for a 16 year old. “Don’t let me be the last to know” could probably work and be a hit in 1998 because it sounds similar enough to other Shania Twain songs that were hits in 1998ish. But I don’t think that be the right debut for Britney. Hmm… I can’t decide between “Crazy” or “Autumn Goodbye”. They both give different vibes. I’ll say “Crazy”. Wow I thought about this question a lot didn’t I.
  7. I remember watching the BOMT music video in either late September or sometime in October 1998 on a channel in the US called The Box. The Box was a music video channel with a phone number where you paid to request videos. I never paid for a video but I watched the channel often. After school I just had got online and I was IMing a friend and he asked me what I was doing and I typed “I’m just watching the Britney Spears video”. He didn’t know who she was. It felt like a never ending eternity before MTV started playing it in November.
  8. No. He better not get out of criminal charges. But if he’s trying to negotiate criminal charges, he KNOWS he’s done stuff worthy of charges being filed against him.
  9. “work with the court for an orderly transition” I’m suspicious… Just had over everything to the forensic accountants. Right away. We don’t need you to slow it down anymore. Anyways now Rosengart kick Jodi to the curb too. Get rid of her.
  10. Can’t say I ever really liked Kevin. However I was mostly indifferent to their relationship. Even though I did think it wasn’t the best. However I was happy when it got announced at the end of 2006 they were divorcing. Remember that song that leaked “Fed Up” that wasn’t even Britney singing, it was Amy Miles? It started blowing up on the radio. Everyone in the general public just seemed so excited for a new Britney era. For those very few months it just seemed like there was so much hope for what was coming next… Then the events of 2007 happened. And public opinion really shifted and it took basically until 2021 with the NYT’s Framing Britney and her June 23rd testimony before the general public started rooting for her again.
  11. I don’t want this to be true. It’s horrific that a mother could do that to their own child. If true it’s worse than Britney having no one, she actively had the people that should have been the closest to her plotting against her.
  12. I never knew what a conservatorship was until it happened to Britney. Since the very beginning I was very upset she couldn’t hire her own attorney of her own choosing. And I said how messed up that was to anyone and everyone. However in 2008 I also assumed the conservatorship would be temporary and over soon enough. By 2009 I was like WTF why isn’t this fake setup conservatorship ending? By 2011 and Femme Fatale I was just sad at the entire situation. It was obvious to me she was being heavily medicated. I started to distance myself from the fandom because fans either supported the conservatorship or were very nasty towards Britney and her dancing or concerts.
  13. They seem pretty worried about $600 million that’s not even Britney’s according to them. Even if they are truthful and it’s not Britney’s money, they still seem to be very defensive over the public knowing about it. Who knows what it is. But it’d be hilarious if Britney stans uncovered some other random fraud.
  14. They used time with kids as bargaining chips in the first place to get her to work and earn money for TeamCon. She just wanted to see her kids. Imagine how scared she was, that she worried a w**d contact high could be used against her and stop her from seeing them.
  15. She signed her record deal in 1997. If Cade was estimating and was off by only a year or so it could be any number of people that he’s referring to. Jive executives Music Producers Dancers/Choreographers
  16. Literally everyone including doctors says it would be best for Britney if he’s removed. But it seems like Judge Penny just doesn’t care :(
  17. BOMT - Autumn Goodbye OIDIA - When Your Eyes Say It Britney - What It’s Like To Be Me ITZ - Shadow Blackout - Toy Soldier Circus - Out From Under FF - Scary BJ - Alien Glory - Man on the Moon
  18. Why is Judge Brenda Penny reacting slower than a snail? After Britney’s lawyer Rosengart filed documents asking the court date to be moved up or for Jamie to be removed right away. I guess I naively believed Judge Penny would WANT to have SOME kind of response by Friday night. According to The New Yorker article written by Ronan Farrow, back in 2008 Judge Reva Goetz put Britney in the conservatorship in under 10 minutes. Just weeks ago in July Judge Brenda Penny was willing to have a court date less than a week away to discuss Jodi’s security fees. So Judges can act fast if they want to. However whenever Britney asks for something it seems and feels like in my opinion it’s never treated with any urgency …or even respect. It’s just so sad and frustrating.
  19. A mess. Jamie needs to be gone TODAY and Jodi next week. Britney doesn’t need THESE people controlling her. If Judge Penny won’t just free Britney right now, I’m sure Rosengart can find a replacement for Jodi too.
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