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James E Spar: Assessing Undue Influence

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I find it really suspicious that James E Spar WHO MOST DEFINITELY LIED AND SAID BRITNEY HAD DEMENTIA!!! He might not remember who Britney is, Britney might not even remember him, but rosenGOD will CATCH YOU!!

anyway I find it awfully Interesting that he wrote a journal entry in 2016 titled Assessing Undue influence…Sounds familiar…it’s quite possible he’s been in the background this whole time, I mean who was writing Britney these prescriptions….

you can find it here :jamie_lynn_grape:https://jaapl.org/content/44/3/344/tab-article-info

idk know how to post pictures I would’ve included a screenshot lol

also I found this totally by accident I was looking for his Google review page because my comment is getting a lot of likes :pumped_britney_excited_yay_pumped: 

but I had a harder time finding it I wonder why lol

found this instead, what do you all think?

In RosenGOD and the HolySPEARit we pray 

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2 minutes ago, Britman512 said:

Tf does that even mean “Undue influence”. I alot of people in my city need to be in an conservatorship then if they’re susceptible to that 

Undue influence is taking advantage of people sometimes under duress or by con, or force when the victim is clueless… until it’s too late. Kind of, I think undue influence is taking advantage of an elderly person usually  or gaining someone’s trust then getting them to give you access to their property or assets. 

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Doctors do a lot of false diagnoses when given money to do it. Doctors can misdiagnose someone and if another doctor determines the diagnosis was inaccurate, it's almost guaranteed that the first doctor will get no punishment. It's a byproduct of being at the top of your career ladder - there is virtually nobody to stop you. I mean my god, there was a doctor in Texas that was literally severing people's spines on purpose, jumping from hospital to hospital with NO ramifications. Some people used to think it was more on the "conspiracy theory" side of the argument to say that a doctor, or someone else in a powerful position, would accept a bribe, but it is obvious that's what happened here. And it's tragic that it happened to Britney :wendycry_wiliams_panicked_crying_tears_upset_sad:

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