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15 minutes ago, LetsRoll said:

Questo canale è iniziato come "Britney Spears", poi è stato ribattezzato "Team Britney Army" e dopo l'uscita dei remix di Mood Ring è di nuovo "Britney Spears". Odio questo account falso + le persone nei commenti pensano che sia vero Britney : Blol:JL:

It's not fair, it should be banned

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Many people started to report this channel when it was first named as "Britney Spears". They renamed it as "Team Britney Army", but just recently re-renamed it as "Britney Spears"... :icant2:

Well they stole my videos but I asked them to remove them, hopefully they did.

Anyway, this channel has some members who steal videos from other channels and videos from internet so it doesn't surprise me that they steal names too. :tiffdrink:

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