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15 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

She's totally releasing the Tidal exclusive "Beyoncé's Greatest Hits: Presented by Britney Spears", a collection of Beyoncé's 200 biggest and most iconic songs of her career with a brief introductory speech by Britney talking about the magnificence of Beyoncé and her triplethreat-ness as the intro of the album.



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Pharrell did comment under one of Rihanna's IG posts saying "they're not ready" so.. :thinkney: "sweetener" was messy but I still have (probably way too much) faith in Pharrell, I seriously adore the guy.. :bsass:

I don't think Adele has hinted at much but it's def about time.. :) I'm super down for either of these.. :carpoolney:

Gaga and Katy should be releasing music soon too!! :riri:

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I don't think it's about Katy, Swift or Beyonce because their comebacks were "announced" when they premiered their new stuff. Besides, Taylor is about to release her "Lover" and Beyonce just dropped new album a while ago.

The phrase used here refers to someone who has been silent (a propos their new music) for a long time (it may be Rihanna, Adele, Britney or someone else who we didn't get their new music from for a some time).

Sorry for my bad grammar, I don't remember some rules of it.

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