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She looked stunning here

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so I was browsing vimeo because sometimes I find some rare videos there... and I found this video about some Mr. and Mrs. G who performed some stunts for Britney's Circus Tour opening segment I guess... (min. 1:52).  I liked the picture so I found it on their website in a higher resolution... she looks absolutely stunning and I've never seen this picture before... thought I might share it with you ;)



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19 minutes ago, Britney x Irene said:

when will women everywhere understand that if they leave the smaller upper lip alone it will make them look young for a longer time? 

Example: lips not covering 50% of the face (even though in some pic she still had some residual filler left)











vs this:



Her face is so small now and her skin is thin as paper

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1 hour ago, Goku said:

she had lip injections for most of her career, but in 2013 she started a different procedure to change the cheeks/chin area. :heresthetea:

I found this and I thought I’d might share with you : google LIP LIFT and you’ll see this is what Britney got back in 2015, probably. It’s different from lip injections because they’re not actually fillers, they’re a real lift that will make you look like weird when not well done. I am not one of those who think Britney’s mouth looks like a joker smile, but maybe the lift was too “over the top”

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8 minutes ago, Goku said:

yeah, the real change started in 2014-2015!

the goal of this procedure (not Lip Fit!) is to change the width of the smile/cheeks only to stop the decay of the fat on the jawline :britannoyed:


it's complicated to explain this ****.. she changed the mouth area for the jaw-line / double chin. Same for Xtina, same for Gaga. :joanne:

I get it now, thx for sharing your thoughts:hiii: this helped me to understand a little bit better!

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