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New Christmas Song feat. RuPaul... and a Question for Britney! 12TH DAY OF BRITMAS

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The 12th Day of Britmas is under the tree waiting to be unwrapped!

Tear into this PDF with lyrics and links for all of the presents I released during The 12 Days of Britmas!!!!!!!!!!!! (12 exclamations, y'all.)

Full 12 Days of Britmas PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vo3e5KF34P8YG_wIWbvToBJ4PdYM5Wzb/view?usp=sharing

"Slay" Christmas Song Demo for Britney Spears feat. RuPaul 

This holiday song will feature an epic electric hand-bell solo and a choir of patients from the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation!

I suggest donating the sales from each year's downloads to a different children's charity (beginning with NCCF). 


December twenty three-ee-ee
I make a list and check it closely.
Will there be gifts for me
Underneath the Christmas tree?

I’m wading through the store
To buy the gifts I missed before.
I’m waiting in the line
I feel there’s something more to find.

I pause for a breath and close my eyes
In a flurry of hurried passersby.

December twenty fo-o-o-our
A chill is tappin at my door.
I planned on sleeping in
I’m under cover to hide from the wind.

There’s so much left to do
Letters to write and goodies to chew.
It seems like way too much
I can’t have fun when I’m so rushed.

Then what do I hear at the break of day
But a giggle of kids at play.

I put a foot down on the floor
Same as I did the day before.
There’s still a lot left to do
So I brew enough cocoa for two.

It’s time to slay... the holiday
Join the work and play.
It’s time to find... some peace of mind
And to give a piece away

I wasn’t quite sure as I stood at that door
Knowing of the struggles that lay in store.
I suited up and booted up and grabbed my cap
Then kicked the door open to say:
I’m ready to slay!

December twenty fi-i-i-i-ive
There’s wonder falling from the sky.
The stars are beaming bright
It’s well before the morning light.

The town that rests below
Has warmed me up with its cozy glow.
I hope that Rudolph knows
That nothing will outshine his nose.

A memory frozen in the past
Whispers this moment will last and last.

I whistle and signal to turn
The path is ever-changing with much to learn.
With the help of friends and family
There will always be a place for me!

It’s time to slay... the holiday
Join the work and play.
It’s time to find... some peace of mind
And to give a piece away.

I wasn’t quite sure as I took the reins
Knowing life's struggles and strife and pains.
I loaded up and floated up and tipped my cap
Then gripped the reins firmly to say:
I’m ready to slay!

Are you, are you? R-u, R-u?


Did someeeonee callll myy namee?
In a world of violence, dread, and greed
There is hope in red and evergreen.

No matter what your troubles may be
We’ll confront them with integrity.
Pursuing ev’ry opportunity
For love and generosity.

We must band together, singing loud
To form a wreath the whole world round!


Are you ready to slay?
To file your fears and doubts away?
Are you ready to fly?
To set your spirits soaring high?

Are you ready to try?...
To welcome people in your life?...
Are you ready to slay?...
There’s no time better than today!

Ignite the passion deep inside!
Get red in the nose!
Get ready to ride!


Are you ready to try?
To welcome people in your life?
Can you promise today...
You’ll kick the door open
Kick the door open
You’ll kick the door open
That’s what we’re hopin’
You’ll kick the door open and say:
I’m ready to slay!


To: Britney, Ru, and NCCF

<3 jamaphone (:AKA Brandon:)


Hey Britneyyy! How's it goin'?

You've been on my radar since '98. If I'm dancing to your music, there's nowhere I'd rather be. That's where you take me! I see that spark flashin in your eye. You've got that somethin', what can I do? I must confess: There's just a thing or two I'd like you to know...

I've been writing lyrics and melodies for several years now. But I'm dyin' for company. I'm not trying to sound conceited, but me and you were meant to be. I wrote 12 demos for you over the course of a few years. I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting, but they're here now. 

I figured I'd finally share these songs with you because I don't want to dream about all the things that never were. Whatever you need, I'll do it. I got what you need. All I need is time. Please forgive me if I'm coming on too strong; that's how I roll. 

Here's my invitation, Britney... My only wish (this year) is to write songs for you and with you. Dont keep me waiting! Tell me, Britney cause I need to know now: 

Will you work with me..... *****?

(If so, E-mail my heart.)

<3 jamaphone


Use the SoundCloud playlist below to listen to rough vocal demos of the lyrics and melodies that I've written for Britney. (I'll be adding a recording of "Slay" in the coming days.)


View ALL of the previous BRITMAS posts:

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BRITMAS DAY 2 (Pretty Girls Alternate Version, Nostalgic pop demo, Oops Era Looks.)

BRITMAS DAY 1 (Work ***** Tribute Video, Fun pop track, BOMT Era Looks.)

BRITMAS DAY 0 (Announcement)


A warm and toasty THANK YOU to everyone who provided support or helpful feedback!! I appreciate the time you took to humor me in this endeavor!! YOU made MY time worthwhile. <3

In 2018, I hope to pay someone to record proper demos for these songs and to try to figure out how to get plugged into the proper A&R channels to get the demos heard. I'll also continue to pen new lyrics and melodies for Britney and others! Let me know if you'd like to collaborate on music in any style or if you'd be interested in producing temporary instrumentals to accompany any of my demos. 

I hope y'all SLAY the holiday!!

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