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What do you think are some of Britney's most underrated and overrated tracks?


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When Your Eyes Say It

When I Found You

The Answer

That's Where You Take Me

I'll Never Stop Loving You

Early Mornin'


You Got It All (cover)

Let Me Be

Don't Hang Up

One Kiss From You


Can't Make You Love Me

Before the Goodbye

What It's Like to Be Me

What U See (Is What U Get)

Perfect Lover

Get Back


Trouble For Me

Trip To Your Heart

I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

(I Got That) Boom Boom


My Prerogative

How I Roll

OVERRATED (mostly among the B Army):

Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know (Cute song, but a sleeper.:mariahstare:)

Boys (Album Version). REMIX version remains snatchedT. :lemmetellu:

The Hook-Up

Shadow (Her vocals ruin it for me :brityeah: )

Gimme More (Sorry, just don't get the hype and it sounds dated as **** for it to be praised like this:britstare: )

Heaven On Earth

Ooh Ooh Baby

Radar (One of the worst songs of her career. Don't @ me. :idkha:)

Circus :idkha:

Womanizer :idkha:


Work **** (and anyone else who hypes up Broccoli Beans :tiffsniffle:)


I Wanna Go

Make Me... (G-Eazy's trash verse and Britney's congested vocals ruins the song for me. :grimace:)



If I'm Dancing


Anyway, what about y'all?



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1 minute ago, JustLuvMe said:


Pretty Girls, it does not deserve the hate it gets :lemmetellu:


Womanizer, I ******* hate that song :nochillbrit:



PG is literal garbage and was one of the biggest mistakes of her career, hfdu. :nobitch:

But yes, WOMANIZER is so ******* overrated. She sounds like Siri on life-support and I just never get why everyone overrates that mess of a song other than the fact that it was her "'comeback single" I guess. :brityeah:

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Soda Pop

One Kiss From You

Dont Go Knockin On My Door

That's Where You Take Me

Hot As Ice

Kill The Lights 

Up N' Down




Walk On By

What You Need



If I'm Dancing

Hold It Against Me

Scream and Shout (I don't even consider it a Britney song, and it's absolute trash. Tragic her name is even attached to this mess, sorry ya'll) :sassybrit:

Work *****

Breathe On Me

Just Luv Me

Change Your Mind

And Then We Kiss


Sorry not sorry:staysalty:

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33 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

The Army overhypes this song to no end. It's a cool bonus track but it's not even finished. BT didn't complete the production and they literally mastered and pressed a demo. Messy. You can tell when it switches from ballad to dance with no proper transition, it just jumps out at you.


I absolutely adore the sound of "BTG" so for me it holds more of a nostalgic value to it. I know exactly what you're talking about because the producers didn't even complete the production which is why I question as to how fans wanted a demo-like song for a single. Had it been mastered with a proper bridge, it probably would have been single-material and more valued. Nevertheless, I love the song.

Same goes with "She'll Never Be Me", "Am I A Sinner",  and "When I Say So". Such wasted potential that could have been a game-changer for Britney in  2001/2002 had they been remastered and officially released. Instead they released two version of "Overprotected" and "ILRNR". Such a messy era. :tiffsniffle:

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1 hour ago, I Always Sing Live said:

Hold it Against Me has to be the most overrated. :lemmetellu: Trash with a capital T. :awww:


Meanwhile, Shadow is underrated. People like it, but ironically it has always been the shadow of Everytime. Even if Shadow is a much better ballad. :awww: 

I think Shadow and Everytime are on the same leve tbh, they're both hands down her best ballads! I don't think Shadow is underrated because it is quite popular among fans.....I think when Logan what's his name did that ITZ poll it was ranked top 5!  

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Overrated :

Kill the Lights (The lyrics were so poorly written :watrusayin:)

Mood Ring (It's good for a bonus track but don't know why everyone's acting like it's the best track in Glory)

Underrated :


My Baby (A lovely ballad, deserves more respect tbh :otears:)

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