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Sam said he is not at twitter at all


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1 minute ago, danny1994 said:

It is fake.

The account was created in 2012, the first tweet is December 2016. Verrrrry suspicious.

I see. So it is confirmed to be fake account. That account is so convincing with all the posts of 1stphorm (i dont  know how it spell)

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14 minutes ago, Melinda said:

Why would he lie tho? And, when you are gonna tag someone  and start typing many names pops up... its not that hard to get it wrong if your not paying attention so im sure its that simple :verycool: 

Because before i was convinced it was his, because of the posts in that account syncronize with the posts in his instagram. His videos, his pictures. They are all in good quality, not like being ripped from somewhere else especially videos.

Never thought that there is a dedicated fake people to post all of that at the same time Sam post something in instagram. 

So yeah, thats why i had my doubts. 

Why would he lie? Well, it could be anything. But yeah, if he doesnt want people/fans to misunderstand. He should set the record straight by posting on his instagtam feed/page, not just  in his instagram stories, because not all people checking ig stories all the time.




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2 hours ago, reoha098 said:

And he claims that the twitter profile @samasghari0 is a fake account in his instagram story.


Do you believe that? I mean, if im not mistaken even britney herself tagged that account before, but i couldnt find it.

do you really care?

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