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Her best POM slayage ever

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4 hours ago, WithoutAMap said:

She's actually finishing the moves completely. I wonder why she regressed. What makes it even more baffling is that she's fitter now, it should be a piece of cake for her.


I have heard some talk from the streets about Britney having ups & downs with the Vegas show.. DUH! It's been 4 years lol. I don't think she's regressed.. she's had equal great & ok throughout 

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12 hours ago, Nickey said:


This video is sooo worth watching! I'm not a fan of POM but this entertains me so much :lemmetellu:

That hair, that energy, passion, everything... Currentney who? :whitney:

I'm in love with Brunetteney and Redney. :lollipop:


Exhale is bipolar you know :lolnoworries:

I love pomney 


britney and fans are tired 

but she has improved so so much 

proud of my queen 



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14 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

This video is just even more proof that she can slay if she actually tried.

Agreed. It's also proof she slays when she's playing a "character" she performs better. The hair change allowed her to step out of the shoes of "Britney Spears"... And the result... Her best post breakdown performance. B10 should follow a theme like Circus... She would KILL it.

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