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Massive slayage right here

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4 hours ago, Cappycorn87 said:


**** I love it. That PERFECTION! I remember looking at herbavk then and just thinking how every single fuc*in move was stunning and flawless. Her whole body language was ALWAYS on point. Gracious, fluent, just beautiful. Isnt it funny how we took that for granted? It was normal to us back then. We expected it of her. I dont no any other artist who can make dance moves look like this and have the whole magic in it, too... damn!!! :pensiveney:

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7 minutes ago, ItsGodneyB**ch said:

Funny thing is that that choreo is not even hard. She could easily do that if she hadn't had developed such unconditional love for halfassing moves.

YES YES YES! I was watching Slave from OHT and I immediately thought why isn't she doing this right now. They don't make an effort to create good choreography and she's content with doing the absolute bare minimum. It wouldn't even take much effort from her especially when people say that she's bored with the show. 

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