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Can you imagine Brit on Ru Paul?


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I know it's usually just a schedulling issue, but I'd love a Britney-themed runway when she's the judge. They've done Gaga and two for Madonna, so I think a Britney one would be easy. I feel like Britney would have a lot of fun with it!

I'd also love to see Cher, Celine, Rihanna, and Naomi Campbell as judges.

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I actually think she would have a lot of fun as a judge/mentor on the show....I know she said she didn't like being on judge on The X-Factor but this show is a lot different and way more fun! She could come and mentor them on some challenge and then be a guest judge and like someone else said the runway theme could be Britney looks......honestly even if she doesn't come on the show they should do that anyways, Britney has so many iconic looks to pick from! I also think there needs to be a Cher themed runway at some point too, they honestly should've done that this season in stead of another Madonna one!  

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