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Official REELZ Britney Special Is On Now Live Post


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They drove 8 hours for the MMC audition she was 8 years old but a seasoned performer. She waited in line for 8 hours they said come back in another year.

Britney spent 2 years in NY

Booked commercials

Got cast in a broadway musical

Went onto Starsearch

When Disney watched her new audition tape they were impressed and earned a spot on the MMC

With Keri Russell, Ryan G, JT, JC, Christina future diva all working along side Britney

She was one of their better dancers so she was always out there

Her work ethic was amazing

Kentwood was proud

Britney's first taste of stardom was short lived when the MMC was canceled

Britney went back home to school, Homecoming court, popular, basketball

Mid 90s Britney started sending out Demos

No one wanted a solo female

Jive takes a chance on Britney, goes to NY, put in penthouse suite by JIVE

Shopping mall performances followed

Opening for NSYNC, was huge by time her record came out everyone already knew all her hits

BBOMT single sells over 500k explodes on the charts

It was the BBOMT video that got people talking, Britney sexuality, **** school girl uniform you could see her black bra only 17 it was Britney's idea to tie up the shirt.

April 1999 Rollingstone little bra and hot pants, sweet girl next door, **** vixen hottest singer in America at 17


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Nobody since Madonna made a splash on the charts

Compared to Madonna for provocative video

Lolita image, backlash, parents counsel speaks out

Britney's manager didn't care cause her albums were selling

Oops album so iconic not just for the image but for the music

Britney aid goodbye to schoolgirl innocence, hit with fans and critics

nominated for two Grammy awards

Britney turns 18 MTV vmas 2000 courted controversy

ripped off tuxedo doesn't care about what everyone thinks, hates being called role model shes human makes mistakes

owing sexuality and her body not afraid to expose it

going public about private life about Britney and JT

first kiss on MMC, touring together with NSYNC and Britney in 98 that's when sparks started to fly

in 2000 dating confirmation them dating was like a royal wedding, magazines and fans couldn't get enough of the couple

First loves, princess of pop growing up third album had darker lyrics, oops to slave with ****** undertones and scandalous nature

Album was disappointing in critical success and sales

crossroads even bigger disappointment, huge flop, Britney took it hard due to passion project

first time as actress, fans and critics started to wonder was Britney's star fading

going off rails in terms of image and success

Parents divorced, Britney wanted parents together for happy life

Britney and JT break up, fans devastated about break up big shocker everyone wanted to know why

Britney secretly hooked up with back up dancer Wade Robson friend of couple, wade told Justin

Both Britney and JT fan the flames via music videos, Cry Me a River and Everytime

Cheating look alike had Britney devastated Britney couldn't believe he'd air their dirty laundry

Toxic female version of CMAR,

Justin was about to recruit a powerful Christina Aguilera both rivals

Britney's break come first but Christina was right behind her, Christina was always a better singer and Britney resented that

Justin stunned by the Toxic Video and teams up with Christina with a tour

Britney's biggest all time rival going on tour with her ex

2003 VMAS Britney and Christina team up duet like a virgin

Madonna joins them on stage the queen of pop taking princesses of pop under her wing

surprise Madonna locked lips with the both of them

Epic one of most shocking moments in VMA history

Bigger shocks to come

January 2004 binge weekend in Vegas Britney gets married

Child hood friend Jason Alexander reconnected before New Years, Britney flies him out toVegas

elated Britney in photo with new husband, 55 hrs later annulled.

Damage to her image

Fans question her stability if she was starting to lose it.

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News buzzing about marriage to Jason Alexander

Camp calls it New Years "Lark" partying at Palms Casino

She lacked understanding actions at the time, her image was concerning sign that she was going off the rails

Britney's does it again months later engaged to dancer K Fed

Big question mark people didn't understand Britney's attraction,

Fans worried for Britney, did Kevin have motives, no real success, jumped job to job, night club to night club

Kevin was engaged to Shar Jackson, had baby on the way left her pregnant to be with Britney

Close fried of Shar's said Britney and Kevin hooked up and didn't leave her side for 2 years

 6 months later engaged

September 2004 Married

Chaotic show

They call the show chaotic foot7ge you can see in Kevin's face dis interested and went so fast

*** 3 times a day needing attention and depspeartate

Britney appeared high

show backfired, critics called it career suicide

Britney admits worst decision of career, stunned by backlash Britney steps out of spotlight

Britney gives birth in 206  chaos continues

Britney almost drops son they call her unfit mother

"This is why I need a Gun" Britney says

Britney files for divorce less than two months after birth of second son

Britney's behavior after the divorce

24/7 wild and crazy binge through Hollywood Vegas nyc

partying late Lindsay and paris

No panties photographed, full of booze and *****

personal life a hot mess Feb 2007

Rehab, Eric Clapton helps get her in

Britney stays for a day comes back to usa

this is when her meltdown really began

paps document Britney first night back from rehab

Barbershop, looking out window taunting and shaving her head

few weeks later Britney umbrella attack car

Disturbing celebrity images world ever seen Britney transformed to anger, face contoreted

she looks crazy and has a bald head, totally out of control

kfed was worried for kids lawyer put in order to take kids away and Kevin won

Britney lost heartbroken after losing kids

Releases blackout critically well received favorite album among fans

2007 adnan ghalib dating

Was adnan taking advantage tipping off photographer, mags, friends and family worried

Sam Lufti shady never before seen he was always in the background and moved into the foreground

He became her manager and started to control her schedule, contacts and finaces

rehab, custody battles, shady characters Britney was in crisis

Jan 2008 over the brink

Britney was self medicating to heal the pain

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3 ***** were found in her system




Britney's dad takes control

Summer Britney returns to record album

Finds footing, C SHIP Britney and parents start working together getting second chance

Father running things let to trouble for Adnan and Sam

Dad gets them out of her life, not easy

Restraining order against both trying to scheme try and get back into Britney's life to control her

Sam filed suit against Jamie to get restraining order removed

Adnan still remained in contact

Jamie had control of phone but got Britney got burner phones and would try to contact Adnan

Plotting to break free from fathers control

Britney wanted to have baby or marry Adnan

Jamie found out about schemes and threatened to have Britney locked up in mental instuition

Tough love seemed to work slowly Britney understands her father is helping her and is getting better

Career on track

Circus debuts #1 and tour sells out

Britney brand and music kept selling end of 2009 Britney re-gains partial custody of kids

2010 Jason Trawick new man in her life

Thought he could be a positive force

April 2010 angry and violent confrontation between Jason and Britney

Photos show them at war, beginning of the end

Months of progress was Britney on the verge of another breakdown

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2010 public assault with Jason

Fans and media public wondered if she would breakdown

Britney was able to weather the break up

2011 the couple gets engaged

Britney's parents got back together

Career soaring

Success with FF #1 clear sign Britney was back and better than ever

2012 X Factor

Multi million dollar deal, Britney to revamp her image fans saw glimpses of the Britney they missed

Fun bubbly self of the past

Devoted mother of two wants more kids, dreams of having little girl

January 2013 splits with fiance Jason, called off engagement both wanted different things in life

Star finds maturity and make statement to remain friends

Great guy good agent and was good to Britney

Comeback continued

Britney lands in Vegas to rave reviews, POM doing really well selling out non stop Bringing in lots of cash

Lights up stage, shes what makes a superstar

2015 POM wins best show in Vegas

POM extension through 2017 for stability

Sons help get her through life

Put past bitterness behind works with Kevin to work with son

Britney and the courts agree to Britney gaining full custody of kids with Kevin

2016 Britney wins BB Award only 1 of 3, for defining pop star of our time

34 achieved wealth, pop culture icon

will be around for many more years to come

pop star to bonafide star

more number one hits

more number one albums

Not giving up on love

Britney still dating and looks forward to more years as a mother

Still reigning princess of pop

Never given up and fans know that through all her challenges.

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