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Bianca Del Rio dissed Britney?


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He dissed her several months ago tho :quirkney:

Do u think it was a dig at Derick Barry? (although they performed at a club together and didn't shade or anything)
We know that Binca dissed her the first time when he was asked by Joanne Rivers to choose between Xtina and Brit (and he said that Xtina and that she has talent but that Britney is like an overrated drag queen --> source )


I didn't know they met btw! Does someone have a clip from this^?

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13 minutes ago, Britneybbhmm said:



5 minutes ago, alexevah said:

who is that? Bye :FOH:


2 minutes ago, Into the Wild said:

Could you tell me who is that? :idkha::byebitch::idkha:


2 minutes ago, justmovealong said:

What is that :squintney:


1 minute ago, ALLEYESONUS! said:

OMG MTE :gloria: 

lol yall :quirkney:


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18 minutes ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

Some people are so pressed about Britney lol, btw who is she ?

She is a winner in a season of Rupauls Drag Race :saycheese: although I don't know how she won..with that awful make up..but U know...people on that show like the draggins (and he did that with a little bit of comedy) and don't look for actual talent and skill (look up all stars 2)

17 minutes ago, Into the Wild said:

Still :idkha:


15 minutes ago, Britneybbhmm said:

I still don't know ha:idkha:


14 minutes ago, BritintheZone said:

Didnt know her? And still don't nor i dont give a ****. 

I saw a few of her pics just now and i dont get her drag makeup. It looks likebshe got punch in the face with all that eyeshadow:lostney:


14 minutes ago, DarkChild said:


We will leave it at that then :hahaha:

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