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GAME: Claim your Britney song! (majorly updated)

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    • One night I went to bed thinking of Britney and how badly I wanted to know she was okay. This was during the conservatorship, probably 2019 when fans were very worried.   Anyways, I remembering blinking and coming to in a huge home, I could tell it was around Christmas with all the decorations. There was a lot going on, people running around cleaning and decorating. All of a sudden Lynne spears comes around the corner, ordering me to bring up the Christmas tree from the basement storage room and get it assembled and decorated ASAP.  She then carried on yelling, bossing other staff around the house. So I do as she asks. As I’m decorating Lynn’s coming by every minute critiquing every placement of ornament as she continues yelling. Nothing is done right or clean enough it seems.    After I get finished I go to the kitchen to get a glass of water where I see Britney. She offers me a sweet tea instead and we get chatting about her mom and how particular she can be. She tells me **** this, come with me, let’s have some fun!  We both go running into her backyard, swim in the pool for abit, relax and chat where we chain smoked and just laughed about stupid stuff for what seemed like hours. I remember wanting to ask her so much but for whatever reason I didn’t and just enjoyed our time. She was so happy and seemed so innocent I didn’t want to ruin the mood. She asked if I wanted to see her closet and her keepsakes - of course I said yes! So we’re sitting up in her huge closet and she’s showing me everything, costumes, jewelry, keepsakes and photos from over the years! All of a sudden I’m exhausted, Its almost like I came too or something “out of the high” shall we say but suddenly I realized britney seemed very innocent and like a teenage girl. She talked non stop, changing subjects from one to the next and I remember feeling sorry for her.  Then I hear this voice in my dream telling me it’s time to go. So I tell Britney I’m sorry but I have to leave, she really didn’t want me to and kept changing the subject. As she was going to get another costume from her closet, I walked out of her room into the hallway and I woke up.     The dream was so vivid, I woke up feeling content and as if I actually met her! It hurt my heart tho, to see her almost in a manic state and alone, I felt like she just really wanted a friend! 😢
    • Her pics are tasteless because she "looks bad" to you. LOL. The rampant misogyny. This forum is something else. All people who are obsessed with Britney that secretly hate her deep down... or resent her because she didn't go back to her career as soon as she was freed from the Con. 
    • Posting your ***** to public … read again slowly. There ya go.
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