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GAME: Claim your Britney song! (majorly updated)

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So you know how sometimes humans are weird and need to possess what they love in order to feel like they have control/superiority/comfort? Well good news for you guys, I'm bored and feel like we should play a game where you simply claim a Britney song, something you're obsessed with atm or is meaningful to you or whatever. I'll continually update the list as you guys post. Let's have fun kiddos :saycheese:


  1. Baby One More Time- Peter Pan
  2. You Drive Me Crazy- Michaelgiftos
  3. Sometimes- justkeepdoingit
  4. Soda Pop-
  5. Born to Make You Happy- Melinda
  6. From the Bottom of My Broken Heart-
  7. I Will Be There-
  8. I Will Still Love You-
  9. Thinkin About You-
  10. Email My Heart-
  11. Beat Goes On-
  12. I'll Never Stop Loving You-
  13. Autumn Goodbye- myloneliNESS
  14. Deep In My Heart-


  1. Oops I Did It Again- PokemonSpears
  2. Stronger- joey4228
  3. Don't Go Knocking On My Door-
  4. Satisfaction-
  5. Don't Let Me Be the Last To Know-
  6. What U See (Is What You Get)-
  7. Lucky- chshaw
  8. One Kiss From You-
  9. Where Are You Now-
  10. Can't Make You Love Me-
  11. When Your Eyes Say It-
  12. Dear Diary- DaxCass
  13. Girl In the Mirror-
  14. You Got It All- Electro World


  1. I'm A Slave 4 U- BritintheZone
  2. Overprotected- hleeeee
  3. Lonely- that's really cool.
  4. I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet A Woman- Britney M. Carey
  5. Boys-
  6. Anticipating-
  7. I Love Rock N Roll-
  8. Cinderella- Kuzco
  9. Let Me Be-
  10. Bombastic Love-
  11. That's Where You Take Me-
  12. What It's Like to Be Me- timaeus
  13. When I Found You-
  14. Before the Goodbye- JoeBitch!
  15. Intimidated-


  1. Me Against the Music- EgoTripsIsNotMyThing
  2. (I Got That) Boom Boom- Calilove1
  3. Showdown- Mohd93
  4. Breathe On Me- gimmegimmemore123
  5. Early Mornin'- Soni
  6. Toxic- ebritneybeat
  7. Outrageous- AKA
  8. Touch of My Hand- Mona Lisa 2.0
  9. The Hook Up- WholeHawaii
  10. Shadow-
  11. Brave New Girl-
  12. Everytime- tsss
  13. The Answer- William7
  14. Don't Hang Up- Fall2Pieces
  15. I've Just Begun Having My Fun- I Think I'm Ready Now


  1. Someday (I Will Understand)- 1999ney
  2. Chaotic-
  3. Mona Lisa- Gondion
  4. Over To You Now- MAG


  1. Gimme More- freaky
  2. Piece Of Me- cher
  3. Radar- PBoy
  4. Break the Ice- Nova Terra
  5. Heaven on Earth- Body ache
  6. Get Naked (I Got A Plan)- A.D.
  7. Freakshow- monalisaney
  8. Toy Soldier- Aymama
  9. Hot As Ice-
  10. Ooh Ooh Baby- Alien.
  11. Perfect Lover- Tetris
  12. Why Should I Be Sad- Fudgeney
  13. Outta This World-
  14. Everybody-
  15. Get Back- fucknfurter


  1. Womanizer- OutrageousMoi
  2. Circus- Margaery Tyrell
  3. Out From Under-
  4. Kill the Lights-
  5. Shattered Glass-
  6. If U Seek Amy- Artsy Fartsy
  7. Unusual You- briteen
  8. Blur- umop-apisdn
  9. Mmm Papi-
  10. Mannequin- britneysslumberparty
  11. Lace and Leather-
  12. My Baby-
  13. Rock Me In-
  14. Phonography- Dragon's Daughter
  15. Quicksand- kasavas
  16. Amnesia-
  17. Trouble-
  18. Rock Boy-


  1. Till the World Ends- BrittonJeanSpears
  2. Hold It Against Me- david lachapelle
  3. Inside Out- Resimaniac
  4. I Wanna Go-
  5. How I Roll-
  6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful-
  7. Seal It With A Kiss-
  8. Big Fat Bass-
  9. Trouble For Me- Vgameman2011
  10. Trip To Your Heart- Young Törless
  11. Gasoline-
  12. Criminal-
  13. Up N' Down- Slayde
  14. He About To Lose Me- MX3
  15. Selfish- Nebulosa
  16. Don't Keep Me Waiting- Snesh!
  17. Scary-


  1. Alien- Acai Berry
  2. Work *****- Thurafatale9
  3. Perfume- OverprotectedLuckey
  4. It Should Be Easy-
  5. Tik Tik Boom-
  6. Body Ache-
  7. Til It's Gone-
  8. Passenger-
  9. Chillin' With You-
  10. Don't Cry-
  11. Brightest Morning Star-
  12. Hold On Tight-
  13. Now That I Found You-


  1. Invitation- Kuinatzo
  2. Make Me- SlayOut
  3. Private Show-
  4. Man On the Moon- Mario Posey
  5. Just Luv Me- It'sMyPrerogativr
  6. Clumsy- PieceofBritney
  7. Do You Wanna Come Over?- Onyx1126
  8. Slumber Party- RafaelSpears
  9. Just Like Me-
  10. Love Me Down- neel21
  11. Hard To Forget Ya-
  12. What You Need-
  13. Better- BreatheOnMoi
  14. Change Your Mind (No Sea Cortes)- I Just Want More
  15. Liar- King B.
  16. If I'm Dancing- brintyjoan
  17. Coupure Electrique-
  18. Mood Ring- SLAY


  1. And Then We Kiss- Royal Blood
  2. My Prerogative- billbritneyfan
  3. Do Somethin'-
  4. 3- LeKaiKai
  5. 911-
  6. Abroad-
  7. All That She Wants-
  8. Am I A Sinner-
  9. Baby Boy-
  10. Conscience-
  11. Dangerous-
  12. Dramatic-
  13. Everyday- Herumba
  14. Get It-
  15. Girls and Boys-
  16. Guilty-
  17. Heart-
  18. Sugarfall-
  19. I Run Away-
  20. I'm So Curious- I'mSoCurious
  21. Kiss You All Over-
  22. Little Me-
  23. Look Who's Talking Now-
  24. Love 2 Love U- TheVirtuoso
  25. Luv the Hurt Away-
  26. Mad Love-
  27. Money, Love, and Happiness-
  28. My Only Wish This Year- TouchMyBody
  29. Ooh La La-
  30. Ouch-
  31. Pleasure You-
  32. Pretty Girls-
  33. Pull Out-
  34. Rebellion- TraciBrooks
  35. Rockstar-
  36. S+M Remix-
  37. Scream and Shout-
  38. She'll Never Be Me-
  39. Sippin' On-
  40. State of Grace-
  41. Strangest Love- Lyla
  42. This Kiss-
  43. Let Go- GetBack98
  44. Unbroken-
  45. Walk On By-
  46. Welcome to Me- The_Original_Toy
  47. When I Say So- WhenISaySo2000
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18 minutes ago, Mona Lisa 2.0 said:

Mood Ring

that one was already called before you, also imma answer your pm in a minute :)

16 minutes ago, david lachapelle said:

i would like to claim the entire femme fatale album, thanks. 

Not how it works :quirkney:

12 minutes ago, joe sp said:

You took the time to write all the songs? Damn you're really bored :ohnoney:

Well more than being bored I'm just procrastinating on homework and college essays. 




Speaking of, would anyone on here be up for reading and critiquing my college essay? It's britney-related

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