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Found 3 results

  1. "BORN PINK" is OUT and feature 8 songs. "Pink Venom" was the lead single, and today "Shut Down" was released as the second. Within the album they have included the song "Ready For Love" which it was released on July 29, 2022 in collaboration with the PUBG Mobile video game, as part of the launch of the virtual concert titled Blackpink: The Virtual. TRACKLIST 2ND SINGLE "SHUT DOWN" NEW M/V "It's not a comeback since we've never left" Now that I've listened to the album twice, "Shut Down" was a wise choice for the second single. The music video makes references to scenes from previous videos. What do you think of the video and the album? Personally the video is amazing as always, I like the references to previous singles. The song is the best option since the rest of the album has a more chill vibe in general. I would've loved the album to be longer, it really feels short and I think it would have needed at least one more banger alongside "Pink Venom" and "Shut Down" PREVIOUSLY 2ND SINGLE "SHUT DOWN" POSTERS PROMOTIONAL POSTERS PINK VENOM MV READY FOR LOVE MV
  2. Hey to all the Exhalers! Britney just confirmed #B10! "The Rose Revival" is coming! It is not a drill! Look at these screenshots from her IG She posted them for a short minute after the hiatus announcement, and then they got deleted. The posts include a photo of a purple rose, a short teaser video, the album cover, and the tracklist with a caption of 10 roses emojis. The cat is out of the bag - this was her secret Project Rose! According to an insider, the whole album concept will be about the rose (as Britney herself) revival from the ashes with a sound influenced by Blackout and In The Zone with urban and dark vibes. Oh, and the biggest of all - we are finally getting Rebellion! and the album will have 20 tracks! OMG! Even Paris herself commented on one of her posts. I'm so excited! Are you ready guys??? The release date is unknown. Here's the tracklist: 1. Scared 2. Things We Do For Love 3. My Big Secret 4. Father's Eyes 5. Untouchable 6. Who Can She Trust? 7. Control 8. Hollow 9. All That She Wants 10. Grow 11. Like I'm Fallin' 12. King Of My Castle 13. Can You Handle My Truth? 14. Rebellion 15. Free 16. You'll Never See It My Way 17. Take The Bait 18. Strangest Love 19. Paradise 20. Bring Me Home Pss - Happy April Fools month! Please don't come after me (I got inspired by Jordan's book cover prank of Project Rose earlier this month). I decided to design and create this little project for us, the fans. Don't forget to check the album teaser I made in the link below and the UO exclusive vinyls. https://www.canva.com/design/DAE-PnPjC3U/pfDT5VnNiPux-99s7oGRZg/watch?utm_content=DAE-PnPjC3U&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink Back cover 1: Back cover 2: I would love to hear your thoughts - Do you like it? Which track should be the first single? How many singles should be released? Would you buy it? I hope you enjoyed it, and if you share it, please don't forget to credit me - Thanks
  3. The tracklist for Katy Perry's forthcoming album Smile has hit the net. It features her biggest recent hit, "Never Really Over," "Harleys in Hawaii," "Small Talk," "Never Worn White" and of course "Daisies" and the album title track. I'm looking forward to hearing what's likely to be a gay club drag queen anthem, "Tucked." Check it out below. Any of the track titles stick out to you? 1 Never Really Over 2 Cry About It Later 3 Teary Eyes 4 Daisies 5 Resilient 6 Not The End Of The World 7 Smile 8 Champagne Problems 9 Tucked 10 Harleys in Hawaii 11 Only Love 12 What Makes A Woman 13 Small Talk 14 Never Worn White 15 Daisies Acoustic 16 Daisies Oliver Heldens Remix Related:
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