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Found 25 results

  1. Katy Perry has a good week. Right after the news of her worth of a million(s) investment with the streaming platform, Audius, her fifth studio album, Smile, has finally reached the 1 billion mark of streams on Spotify, making all of her albums to have more than a billion streams each. With this, Perry now joins Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus as the only female artists to spawn albums with 1 billion streams in 3 different decades. Notably, Teenage Dream has become the 13th album with the most weeks charted by a female act in UK, completing its 198th week. The sophomore album has re-entered and had its 250th week on Billboard Chart 200 as well. The 2019 sleeper hit, Harleys In Hawaii, also saw an overwhelming streaming gain as it becomes Perry’s most popular song on Spotify currently, beating her smash hits like Dark Horse, Roar, Firework and Never Really Over.
  2. (two minute read) Katy Perry has recently celebrated her three biggest achievements in years; the 10th year anniversary of Teenage Dream, the release of her highly anticipated fifth studio album Smile, and the birth her lovely daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom. Behind the radiating positivity, the underwhelming sales of her newest record might wrap it up as it predicted to debut at #5 on Billboard Chart 200, breaking her #1 streak on the album chart. With the continuous decline from the public and sales, could it be the sign of her goodbye? Or has Perry already decided to step back from the music scene and be a full time mom? It is a common knowledge that Perry signed a contract with Capitol Records back in 2007, having a record deal of five studio albums. Throughout her career, she generated countless radio and chart topping hits, sold hundred million of records and some sold out shows from her previous world tours; California Dream: World Tour, Prismatic World Tour and Witness: The World Tour. Following the release of Smile, it does not only mark her comeback from 2017's Witness, but also the end of her contract. Capitol has been very vocal about the disappointing reception of Perry's fourth studio album, as the favourite California Gurl has continuous to underperform even after testing the waters by releasing her droplet singles like Never Really Over, Harley's In Hawaii and Never Worn White. The label did not even bother to overwhelmingly support and promote Perry's newest project. And by listening to a message recorded by Perry included in the target and international edition of the album, some lines might support the idea of her stepping back from the music scene as the voice memo's suggested: Perry said, Perry sentiments as she continued. At this point, you can easily hear the tone of contentment after the effort of bouncing back from 2017's hate train. So far, Capitol Records and Perry herself have not made any official statement [yet] subjecting the plans after her newest album or the contract. And that is why many of her fans are raging about, the lack of direction of this record and the way of handling Perry. As a fan hearing her recorded message, it strucks me that maybe it is really a time for her to step back. Not to completely quit the industry but to take her time to rebuild and grow as a woman, a mother and an artist. Maybe an artist not as Katy Perry, but as Katheryn Hudson. Nonetheless, if this Perry's newest offering is her farewell, we profoundly appreciated it and it did brought back our smile. Thank you, Katy Perry! Related:
  3. To celebrate the 9th anniversary of the biggest e-commerce platform in South-East Asia, Katy Perry performed "Cry About It Later." Earlier: The Smile singer granted a three minute interview to anticipate her appearance, answering some personal questions and even sharing some interesting insights around the Perry-Bloom household. The upcoming event will offer the freshest performance off her fifth studio album, Smile, especially the fan-favorite track, Cry About It Later. The song is currently one of the best performing non-single track of the album in streaming services, garnering almost 30 million views on Youtube, and more than 25 million streams on Spotify. The celebration will be broadcast exclusively in Lazada’s official Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok pages.
  4. Katy Perry just recently updated her biography on Spotify, and revealed that her fifth studio album, Smile, has sold more than 1 million copies despite the poor performance in worldwide music charts. The figures are still impressive considering it was released six months ago compare to it’s predecessor, Witness, that managed to only sold more than 3 million copies in span of four years. Currently, the pop star is busy manning the 18th season of American Idol for the third time, while the anticipation of her newest project with Pokemon’s anniversary is set to hit this summer. Electric is coming! ⚡
  5. Update 3: Katys smile has already let up dropping to #54 selling only a few thousand copies Update 2: Seems that Smile wont be having good second-week sales after all As we all know, Second weeks for an artist are crucial for a artist as it’s the final verdict of the album being a hit or miss. However it seems this time, it’s going harder than just a “Miss” SMILE is predicted to drop out of the top 20 in its second week, selling only 5.3k sales, in which only 813 sales are truly album sales. This is bad news for Katy. Will she be able to tackle this? Update: Katy Perry's new album Smile debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 with 50K (35K in pure sales). It's worth mentioning that because of the other previously released song, like "Never Really Over," "Harleys In Hawaii" and a handful more, the album has a total of 400 million streams. Thoughts? Earlier: It has been 3-4 years ever since Katy Perry dropped her disastrous era "Witness". Witness, the album failed to hit commercial and critical success, becoming one of the lowest-selling albums of 2017 and halted Katy Perry's consistent reign in the pop music landscape, she held for 7 years, becoming her first album not to have a No.1 single despite the eras only big hit, Chained to the rhythm , peaking at No.4. This era marked Katys decline in the pop landscape but Katy has given up, releasing her highly anticipated and awaited 5th studio album, SMILE. The album had quite a messy roll-out, however thankfully there weren't any major leaks that impacts the albums coming performance. This time here are the circumstances for how the album will sell this week: Katys long-gone super power and status- has been doubted by the GP and critics, wondering if she could still make another hit record and reclaim her status. Qurantine and COVID-19- Many people (especially in the US) are fearing of going outside amidst the rising amount of cases of corona every day, so less people would be going to the stores to buy the new album Katy Perry is now 36 years old- Not meant to be ****** remark, but when a woman in the industry reaches her 30+ era, the industry becomes very discriminating and ****** towards such women. For example- Britney released BJ when she was 32 years, Gaga released Joanne when she was 30 years old, and all of these albums underperformed. So, would there be a decrease in sales? So compared to our previous threads this time, you will have to judge the album under two categories. I. If the album manages to become a commercial success and the comeback Katy Perry needed, how much would the album be projected to sell? II. If the album DOESNT manage to revive her career and give her the comeback she needs, How much would the album still sell? Well from my judging: If the album manages to become a commercial hit, it will sell around 250k-350k units with a No.1 debut in its first week. In the UK i think she will sell around 35k units. Internationally i would feel, it would sell 550-670k sales globally. However if the album doesnt manage to become a commercial hit, then i predict it to sell 120k-145k. with a No.1 debut since shes freaking...Katy Perry. Internationally the album will manage to sell 200k-400k globally. In the UK i think she will sell around 35k units. What do you think? Let me know Related:
  6. According to Rolling Stone's chart, “Smile” has moved 5.4k units SPS in its second week so far. Out of those, only 873 were pure sales, falling to #76. We’ll see Billboard numbers in the next few days, but I’m afraid they’re going to be even lower than that Edit: I just realized this is the building chart, but still this is bad it’ll probably do 1k pure, 7k SPS at best. Related:
  7. Katy Perry recorded a special voice message for fans featured on the Target exclusive. One of the bonus tracks on Targets version of Smile is called "A message from Katy," which is a letter to her fans. Will she release the Target version like she did with witness on the one year anniversary? Who knows, but enjoy her message to her fans. Only available at Target on CD. "Some times I can feel super low and alone and really in my head, and be my own worst enemy and let that horrible negative voice that trickles in and out of my head take over. In these past couple of years, I've really tried to work on that, and I think a lot of these songs reflect walking through that process... and coming out the other end alive and giving life." Listen to the whole thing below. Related:
  8. Katy Perry unveiled a new music video for "Smile." It's super cute. In it, Katy plays a "Smile" music video and transforms into one of the characters who gets entangled in all kinds of shenanigans. Be sure to stick around for the ending. Thoughts, Katy Clowns? Watch below: Related:
  9. Katy Perry continues releasing visuals off her new Smile album, the latest being a painted extravaganza for "What Makes A Woman," a song she dedicated to her daughter. Every song is getting a video Related:
  10. "A comfortable addition to her catalogue." From the exploitation of kissing a girl to dancing while purposely woke, Katy Perry is our favorite party best friend throughout the decade. And today, she finally dropped her most anticipated fifth studio album, Smile, follow up to 2017's Witness. We managed to somehow know what would be the direction of this record through her droplet era, starting from Zedd's collaboration, 365, to the most recent wedding-inspired ballad , Never Worn White. And though commercially underwhelming, it successfully transitioned her sound from electro-influenced pop to her old bubbly persona. And before proceeding to the album's final verdict, here are the track by track reviews: 1. Never Really Over ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - rather than to use her bubblegum-pop clichè, Perry progressively transcend the track into a mouthful and catchy harmonious anthem. Indeed, a perfect pop song. 2. Cry About It Later ⭐⭐⭐ - though the electric guitar and bass are quite addictive, starting the track with it's chorus makes it tirelessly redundant. 3. Teary Eyes ⭐⭐⭐ - the electronic syths sound very familiar. At least the dreamy/feather-like way Perry sings blended well with it's edge-y beats. And that second verse is a great build up though. 4. Daisies ⭐⭐⭐⭐ - though the verses are particularly weak, the euphoric and explosive chorus helps the track to reach it's peak. 5. Resilient ⭐⭐⭐⭐ - the narrative is very strong but the lack of dynamics between the verses and chorus is somewhat a turn down. But the build up in bridge has paid off to redeem it's rightful place as one of the strongest track in the record. 6. Not The End Of The World ⭐⭐⭐ - an impressive misfire considering how grandiose the intro is. The verses are plainly bland, and just relied by repeating the worn off choruses. 7. Smile ⭐⭐⭐ - contrast to it's upbeat production, the track isn't adventurous enough to explore it's own potential to be a good Teenage Dream heir. Though it has some of the strongest lyrics. 8. Champagne Problems ⭐⭐⭐ - the laid-back syths are way too comfortable, to the point the track has became monotonously unexciting. And the chorus being lazily written didn't help either. 9. Tucked ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - the bubbliness of the production probably resonates her Hummingbird Heartbeat and Act My Age tracks. And with matching playfulness of the lyrics, this song is the easiest to digest relentless. 10. Harley's In Hawaii ⭐⭐⭐⭐ - the acoustic guitar successfully sets up the **** tone of the track, and the cleverness of the songwriting also wins to give a slow-burner-like vibe. 11. Only Love ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - the track has no promising melody or production but the way it's been delivered like a journal entry makes it more relatable. 12. What Makes A Woman ⭐⭐⭐ - though adorably and delicately produced, the swearings are just unnecessary. Wished the excitement in the second verse leads into something but it ended shortly. 🎪 🎪 🎪 "Smile" (6/10) The record is not a revival of her iconic Teenage Dream but rather a continuation of the PRISM's club inspired contents. And though it lacks with the promising and experimental sound of her ambitious Witness, the narratives and production are surprisingly cohesive, considering the weights of Never Really Over as an opening track has put in. The tracklisting is also well blended and sync as the album progresses, without hearing the lead singles being aggressively overshadowing the following tracks. Favorite Track(s): • Never Really Over • Resilient • Tucked • Only Love Least Favorite Track(s): • Cry About It Later • Teary Eyes What are your favorites tracks? Related:
  11. Katy Perry droped an old school animated video for her single Harleys in Hawaii. Perry teased the black-and-white ’90s-inspired video on Thursday. It depicts an adorable 1920s love story in Hawaii: “Took my time capsule back to one of my favourite periods in animation and created a lil’ 1920s Hawaiian love story for you.” She also released a video for Cry About It Later
  12. With about 3 days left till the release of "Smile", some critics have published their reviews. So far, 10 of the 13 reviews lean towards mixed, giving an average score of 56. All 3 of them state that Katy hasn't evolved much as an artist and is making the similar sound. It's also noted though, Teenage Dream received 1.5/5 from Slant Magazine, and Smile received 3/5. "Cry About It Later" and "Never Really Over" seem to be the highlights of the album. "Not The End Of The World" apparently shares similar sound with "Dark Horse". Reviews: EW: Katy Perry brings more of the same on sunny but familiar fifth album Smile: Review Score: 67 Slant: Review: Katy Perry’s Smile Feels Unmoored from the Current Moment Score: 60 Rolling Stone Score: 60 StereoGum: Katy Perry Pivots To Boring Clash DRAGGED Smile
  13. Katy Perry's new album Smile is officially out! Any favorites? Mine are: Teary Eyes (gives me Trip to your Heart vibes) Champagne Problems High on your Supply Tucked Stream below. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  14. Alleged lyrics leaked for a new song titled "High On Your Supply," off Katy Perry's forthcoming album Smile, and if real... she drags herself to filth. Katy Kats were speculating she was dragging a pop girl, but that's likely not the case: she's coming for her past self. These are the lyrics on Genius.com: How do we know it's about Katy and not about... IDK... Kacey Musgraves? Katy had this to say in a new interview with the Washington Post: Looking forward to hearing this song. Do you agree that Katy was dragging herself? Or is it about a main pop girl? 👀 Related:
  15. Katy Perry's sophomore album, Teenage Dream, has set another record breaking achievements after 10 years of it's release. Her label, Capitol Records, just recently updated the certifications of the said era in preparation of the album's anniversary this August 24th, four days before the release of her fifth record, Smile. Here are the details: Teenage Dream (album) - 8x Platinum Teenage Dream (single) - 8x Platinum Firework - 12x Diamond With these, Katy Perry has now surpassed Michael Jackson's record of the highest certified music package (album + singles) with staggering 64.5 million units sold. Notably that these two artists have the same feat of having five No.1 singles in one album (doing so with Teenage Dream and Bad). And with Firework's hitting a new mark, it also became the most consumed single for a female lead, alongside with another achievement of being the only artist to have 7 songs to sold more than 8 million units in RIAA history. Congratulations, Katy Perry!
  16. Katy Perry released the studio version of a new song titled "What Makes A Woman," a song she's dedicating to her daughter, off her forthcoming album Smile. She also shared a performance of it singing the song acoustic style. “There is a song on the record called ‘What Makes A Woman’… a hope I have for my future child is that she doesn’t have any limits on any of her dreams,” she said, “or what she wants to be, or who she thinks she is and, you know, she can change whenever she wants.” Katy continued: “She can try everything on. I think that song is important for me and important for her.” Smile drops August 28. Super cute Thoughts on the new tune, Exhale? Listen on Spotify or Apple Music. Related:
  17. Katy Perry's new album Smile officially drops August 28th, but some Katy Clowns already have it. They're showing it off on social media and claiming it's one of the best records she's released to-date. That's great, however... it's VERY likely it'll leak in the coming days and that's less than ideal. Here's the interesting catch... Smile leaking will hurt Katy's album sales. Thing is... she's less about charts and numbers these days... so let the listening parties commence? Exhale, are you excited to hear Smile? OH and PS: the album booklet says Diddy is featured on the album title track. That version leaked months ago, but it's unclear if it's a mis-print or he actually made the final cut.
  18. If you are anything like me, I refuse to drink the pop star kool-aid. What exactly does that mean or entail? I have no doubt that the media and music critics choose a pop star to tear down every so often, after they once built them up, vibed with their music and genuinely praised them. It happened to Gaga, Britney, Nicki and Demi to name a few. I personally consider myself a grown *** man and able to make my own decision as to what music I personally enjoy and what music gets a hard “nah son” from me. As of late, the scrutiny has been focused on Katy Perry, her pop persona and her music. While I do believe she will benefit ultimately and will start to create buzz like she once did, once such pendulum returns to her good side. Ms. Perry will eventually get the recognition and praise that her music, lyrics and talent deserve. Katy has written many pop bangers that solidify her place in the popverse and after her most successful era, which was her “Teenage Dream” era, an album that earned her five number one singles, many wrote her off and were satisfied with that peak... As contrary to popular belief Ms. Perry has delivered some pop gems after such era that are worthy of praise and these are my picks: 1. Act My Age: while this pop gem did not make the “Witness” album it was packaged as a deluxe song, it certainly had enough personality to make it a super successful single. This song is very reminiscent of songs off “ Teenage Dream” and the lyrics and chorus are the epitome of an ultimate Perry song. Such a fun pop anthem. 2. Walking On Air: The song that keeps on giving. This song, the 90s beat, Perry’s vocals, every single damn thing about this song screams hit. Very sad that it was not chosen as a single, because this could’ve kept “Prism” afloat a while longer. Anything 90s just makes me happy 😃 3. Never Really Over: This is one of those songs that just like a broken record, gets stuck in your head. Justbecauseitsoverdoesntmeanitsreallyover. I mean, that spit fire lyric delivery has anyone trying to keep up with Katy. Produced by Zedd, this song simply told the world that Katy still has it in her to deliver enjoyable and good pop music. 4. Bon Appétit: I will never get tired of saying this, but this pop masterpiece did not receive the recognition it deserved. This song was so underrated and so slept on, it should be considered a crime. This would’ve sounded so great playing in gay clubs, lights down low but as they glimmer all over your body while you secretly sing it to your crush who is across the room, while you try to make unsuccessful eye contact ...ok let me stop right there. Also check out the 3LAU remix of this song, because it is straight fire 🔥 5. Harleys in Hawaii: this song is such a different sound for a typical Katy Perry song, but boy oh boy, is this a win for Ms. Perry. Her silky voice over a more mellow, laid back breezy beat while she sings about riding Harleys in Hawaii ( an odd tittle for sure) is sure to make you want to pack your bags and ride something in Hawaii. A great example of Katy’s writing skills, where she can turn a silly memory into a pop gem. These are my top five, do you guys have any songs that think should’ve made the list? Let me know on your comments below. Related:
  19. Katy Perry teased a bit of a new song titled "Tucked" during her latest Smile Sundays episode. The audio is low quality because it's a rip from the live stream, but it sounds like a BOP. Originally, I thought "Tucked" was going to be a drag queen anthem, and it still might be, but it sounds like a pop banger about hiding your emotions. Too real. Katy also shared a bit of a new song titled "Champagne Problems." It sounds like another upbeat, sugary sweet song. Are you satisfied with these little previews, Exhale? Related:
  20. The tracklist for Katy Perry's forthcoming album Smile has hit the net. It features her biggest recent hit, "Never Really Over," "Harleys in Hawaii," "Small Talk," "Never Worn White" and of course "Daisies" and the album title track. I'm looking forward to hearing what's likely to be a gay club drag queen anthem, "Tucked." Check it out below. Any of the track titles stick out to you? 1 Never Really Over 2 Cry About It Later 3 Teary Eyes 4 Daisies 5 Resilient 6 Not The End Of The World 7 Smile 8 Champagne Problems 9 Tucked 10 Harleys in Hawaii 11 Only Love 12 What Makes A Woman 13 Small Talk 14 Never Worn White 15 Daisies Acoustic 16 Daisies Oliver Heldens Remix Related:
  21. Katy Perry unveiled several alternate covers for her forthcoming album, Smile. One worth noting is the fan-made cover. A KatyClown re-designed the cover just for fun a few weeks ago, and it caught Katy's attention. She Tweeted about it and told the fan she'd reach out for future artwork. Looks like she wasn't willing to wait... Katy made their re-design an official cover!! I loooove this. Fans always make better edits than the official team. These are all super cute covers. You can check them out on her website. Which one's your fav? Related:
  22. Guys, someone recreated Katy Perry's smile album cover, and I think it's 100% better than the original I LOVE IT I think Katy has to change it to this one. What do you guys think? xo
  23. Katy Perry delayed her forthcoming album Smile by a couple of weeks. It was originally scheduled to debut on August 14th, but due to production delays, it won't actually hit shelves now until August 28th. Only a couple of weeks, but in 2020 that matters Katy confirmed the news: Related:
  24. Katy Perry's forthcoming album Smile might feature Anitta and Lali on a song titled "Champagne Problems." There's no solid proof just yet, but where there's smoke... there's fire. Also, I tend to believe it because literally everything regarding Katy's new album has hit the Internet before any official announcement (including the album title track, cover art and tracklist). I'm SUPER here for a Katy + Anitta + Lali collab. Katy aiming for a "latin hit" could be a little thirsty for a hit, but good. Give the good sis global streams. She deserves to hit the charts again. Related:
  25. A Katy Kat confronted Katy and told her directly that they didn't like her new song "Smile," featuring P Diddy. Interestingly, the song hasn't been officially released (it's out tonight). It leaked a few weeks prior to "Daisies." "I don't like 'Smile,'" the fan says. Katy's reaction was great. She flinched a little, but homegirl must be so used to negative comments that she didn't skip a beat. Instead, she handled it with class, telling the fan she suspects a different song on the record will be better suited. Imagine telling your idol something rude. Related:
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