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Found 6 results

  1. This how I *think* Jamie and Lou met… Around the same time 2004/2005, Lou Taylor connected with Jamie Spears and Ron Artest. 2005: Ron Artest signs with Lou Taylor and starts playing for the Sacramento Kings, which is owned by the billionaire Maloof family. https://twitter.com/mx_defying/status/1543451685900750850?s=21&t=3IOsWvFOXnlkyzdrZCmi7w 2001: Jamie met the Maloofs through Larry Rudolph around 2001 and the Maloofs sent Jamie to chef school. Video. 2004: Britney gets married to Kevin and parts ways with Larry Rudolph. Larry goes to work with the Maloof Entertainment Company. Larry Rudolph and the Maloofs have worked on many businesses together Sunset Tan Studio at the Palms 2006: Jamie Spears started doing business with the Maloofs. This includes Palms Home Poker Stars in 2006 and the Maloof Money Cup. 2006: Jamie Spears is on Spears Management Inc paperwork with Lou Taylor. The paperwork shows that Jamie Spears is Jason Alexander's neighbor. 2008: Britney is out with George Maloof. 2009: Ron Artest and Lamar Odom play for the Lakers. Ron introduces Khloe Kardashian to Lamar Odom. Lamar and Khloe get married at Irving Azoff's house 2011: The Maloofs stay close to Ron Artest. 2012: The Spears family has stayed close to the Maloofs, including Alli Sims. 2004-2008: CLEARLY, while Britney was becoming/being a mom: Jamie, Lou, Larry and the Maloofs were all working together.
  2. Now that we know that Britney and Larry have not talked in more than 2 years, I wonder whose idea it was to re-release Glory nearly 5 summers after it's original release.... Did RCA decide to do it with/without consulting with Larry? Did Larry take the initiative? Did Britney manage to arrange the re-release without having to talk with Larry? Was it Team Con?
  3. https://casetext.com/case/united-states-v-rudolph-7 Maybe someone that knows how to dig into this further? There was also another court case concerning Larry against capitol records.
  4. So Larry Rudolph was not so quiet while Free Britney is going on! He made a baby ! https://instagram.com/jenbarnetmovement?utm_medium=copy_link THis is a profile of his wife(he does not have his own profile) and now she is pregnant with a baby boy. SO everyone can have a baby but Britney and Sam....
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