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Found 10 results

  1. So I'm talking to a guy and he basically only speaks Spanish but does know English. We are corresponding back and forth and he wants us to meet up this weekend in THE OC. Does anyone in Exhale online date? Have you used an app before? I'm new to this. I usually meet guys normally like it's supposed to be in person. This is something new for me and I guess I'm looking for advice.... Discuss....
  2. 1. Be yourself 🍓🍋💙!!! 2. Flirt with the boyz (n the galz for the str8s) as much as possible 💋💋💋 because life is for the wild moments 💙😘😘😘 3. Cater to your man!!!! I love when I cook and clean for my men... I do it and do it well.... I could be the best homemaker!!!! Love is a two way street. It's okay to cook and clean for ya man 💯💅 I'm single.... I had a breakup in 2019 then another in 2020. I'm ready to mingle but I feel like I've lost my confidence.... Even my walk is different 😪 Do u have dating tips for people like me who haven't dated for 2 ******* years?! 😱😱😱
  3. You love this, we all love this 🥰 Paramore: ‘We realised this band isn’t worth risking our health for’ | Paramore | The Guardian AMP.THEGUARDIAN.COM One of the most influential bands of their generation, Paramore were nearly torn apart by infighting and industry...
  4. Hi everyone This is gonna get extremely personal but I'm worried about my boyfriend and I honestly don't know where to start looking for help (if needed). With googling it it's hard to find specific answer so I look forward for your advice (where to start looking for more advice too haha) I hope my bae will never find this thread Please don't laugh So my boyfriend is thirsty like literally 24/7 (he's a bottom most of the time). He finds innuendos in everything. EVERYTHING. Even innocent things. Like in a word ''come''. He jokes about those stuff even when we are with our friends. It's extremely annoying. I think he thinks it's funny or something. Also he got like a obsession (?) with me. He gets crazy about my fit body etc, he loves those stuff when a guy is so strong, is ripped etc. It started like a month ago I guess when it got that intense. ***ual attraction is obviously normal and needed and everyone loves it but not freaking almost 24/7 and with that whole innuendos thing. I live it everyday and I'm telling you as someone who has to experience all of it - this doesn't seem normal. I tried to have some convs with him about that, asking him if he knows how he behaves and telling him that he embarrasses me in front of our friends. He just ignores it. He becomes suddenly so innocent and changes topic. I love him but what is this? It became so annoying and I don't know what to do about it. I'm so worried about him. This sounds like some type of h rny flu No idea what the hell is going on, I've never seen anyone being that thirsty
  5. This is who she was dating (at 16) his name is Brandon Quentin Adams (at the time he was 22), his rapper name is 7: AMP. She called him Q. But why did no one intervene I mean her family, her management no one cared. Her brother is very suspicious, as he always talks about *** he wants to 'protect' his sister, but let's her get groomed by grown men. Her dad also gave a speech about parenting meanwhile his daughter was dating this guy. I think the guy is also extremely weird and should date people his own age, but people should have at least tried to intervene.
  6. Via text stay tuned for my heartbreak
  7. Hi everyone! Lot of us are sitting at home right now and I was wondering which dating apps are you using? I just started using Luxxdate. I love traveling and there are things about travel so that's why I like it (also I do not like swiping). Come and find me Let's have some fun! Anyone else in Luxxdate? Any other recommendations?
  8. Hello Exhale! Forgive me if this isn't the typical post you're used to but I figured I'd post it here and see if I have any takers. I created this video in an attempt to find the man I'm meant to be with, he may not be a member of Exhale but perhaps some of you wouldn't mind sharing it for me? I'd really appreciate the support for your fellow gay brethren.
  9. Most Madonna fans who are gay won't date non Stan's, it's a golden rule. I have seen guys break up with their boy toys over love of lady Gaga, or hatred of Madonna. Honestly, I'm here for it . Since I know a lot of gays won't take slander or hatred towards their own queen of pop. After all, an episode of Divorce court happened thx To the cardi B and Nicki Minaj beef was enough to end a marriage of two queens.
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