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Found 14 results

  1. I love Britney and I’ll forgive her for any wrongs, but her post today is just that: wrong. I want her to speak out but the way she’s going about it is self-damaging and will only continue to hurt her.
  2. Im so keen to see her live but no luck to find tickets, anyone going?
  3. Is anyone going to her show in Amsterdam? I will be glad to meet some B fans there in person
  4. DUA keeps feeding us, and wants to make sure we continue to stream Levitating. Today she has released a surprise new music video for her international mega hit. It is a full cartoon/animation music video that takes cues from classic 80's Japanese Cartoons. Can you spot your favorite inspirations in there? I obviously see a lot of Sailor Moon but there are many nods. Enjoy and stream for flawless skin
  5. Leaked. It's from Danja sessions and meant for FN. Google is ur friend. Hopefully it will be used in the future because every time it gets on the you tube, it's taken down. Which is very good. The song is AMAZING but the sound just doesnt fit the FN album.
  6. Okay, so people are saying BTS fans does Mass buying to keep their songs up the chart? They are around 14 top 10 hits on BB okay so moving on, I've seen artists like Taylor etc to release multiple vinyls pressing and remixes of the song - does that say mass buying as I believe fans buy all of them? I am truly confused as in my belief we can buy the song once on iTunes and even if you gift a song to somebody then there must be a limit or you can just gift them to 100s of people? Explain, I am behind this knowledge! How can BB source unique IP Addresses or streaming? Not able to understand, I've also seen artists buy playlists to gather more streams recently I saw Beyonce has 600M playlist reach on Spotify while Britney has 167M - how does this make sense? I am not able to understand, you can just get more streams if you are in more playlist won't people skip songs if they don't like? How it works, EXPLAIN! Related:
  7. Dua was asked about Britney, the Framing Britney Spears doc and her IG. 05:05 mark Related:
  8. A full page print ad of today's issue of the New York Times accuses Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid of being accomplices of terrorism for their support of Muslim Palestinians. The ad was featured in the A section and was paid for by:
  9. Ten years after her death. The legacy of Amy Winehouse lives on, thanks to Dua Lipa channeling Amy's signature hairstyle (which in itself was a tribute by Amy, to Ronnie Spector of The Ronnettes, a 60s Girl Group), the beehive hairstyle will forever be linked to Amy, who's tenth Anniversary of her death is coming soon..
  10. Congrats Dua lipa, Madonna, Missy and the blessed Madonna on being included on the top defining LGBTQ anthems of 2020. Now stream the LGBT pride version of levitating.
  11. The good news Is Club Future Nostalgia Is the Second phase of Future nostalgia. Bad news Outside Mark Ronson's Physical remix with Gwen Stefani, Dua hired Blessed Madonna to be the main remixer and curator of the album given how she has won dj of the year for the last four years. Interesting facts. The streaming and digital version of the Remix album will be one long track and 75 minutes long (to give you the effect that you're on the dance floor under black lights and strobe lights), The CD will be individually tracked, but the non stop mix, only the vinyl version released through the Blessed Madonna's independent label will have the unmixed remixes.. So get ready to dance with Dua Lipa and Blessed Madonna.
  12. With the Grammy's coming up early next year and Taylor's folklore being a sure frontrunner, do you think she will enter the album for Pop categories or Alternative? Can you enter individual tracks in each? I'm truly not sure what is possible there, and would love your thoughts, Tay stans and fans! - Additionally, who will get album of the year? I can think of only vast majority women. Front-runners off the top of my head are... Taylor Swift - folklore Lady Gaga - Chromatica Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher Harry Styles - Fine Line The Chicks - Gaslighter Sawayama - Sawayama
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