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What Do You Miss Most About Britney, the Pop Star?


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I miss Britney’s live performances the most, especially the pre-con that were filled with energy, choreo, and iconic lewks that captivated audiences worldwide and had a cultural impact…. unlike anything we see today.:sipney_britney_starbucks_straw_sipping_drinking_spill:spacer.png

I also miss her pop songs that were truly hits. I'm sorry, not sorry, but when you think of pop music, you instantly think of Britney. She was incredible and so underrated. Imagine delivering so many great pop songs throughout the years only for the Grammys to snub her… 


There’s so much to say, but I miss her overall…spacer.png

I've been listening to her a lot this year because all I hear from today’s artists is trash music, trash music videos, trash trends, and people with no star power. Lmao. I could name some names, but let’s focus on Britney ********** Spears! *****! THEE ******!spacer.pngspacer.png

Tell me in the comments what do you miss most about Britney the pop legend!


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I miss watching someone who can meet my expectations and deliver sth that will inspire, motivate me and make me feel relatatble.

I miss hearing her voice at new songs and replaying them til burn.

Watching mvs with her looking str8 in the cam.

And ofc the live shows. Even the shows that we now know that she would rebel against them.

I just love her insta now, no matter how weird it looks to someone, I see a person alone who plays around and wants to share. And we all know people are watching once again.

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5 minutes ago, ElenaB said:

i miss primeney more than britney the pop star. i don't miss the britney we got from 2008 to 2018 because it felt unauthentic (now we know why). i miss primeney's live performances, but also her charisma and confidence. also her wisdom - she was very down to earth 

Unfortunately, you're right about the 2008-2018 timeframe. During that period, she didn't like or want to pursue anything music-wise. 

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