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BURNS discusses Chromatica, Rain On Me, Replay, Make Me... songwriting/producing process, and unreleased tracks in Reddit Q&*

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BURNS did an AMA on the r/electronicmusic subreddit yesterday, and a lot of the questions that were asked were about Chromatica. Here are some of the questions?

QUESTION: Could I ask about what working on LG6/chromatica was like in terms of designing the themes and sound? Did you have any specific ideas and inspirations going in or were you following LG’s plan for the world you were creating sonically?


BURNS: I think the idea to make a dance album was already formed when I was brought in to work on the project but I introduced the idea of really referencing eras of dance music that had resonated with me the most. I wanted to take influences from the early 90's and early 2000's as for me those were the best times for electronic music and that way we would be able to create something that would feel classic with a twist of modern production ideas. I wanted the music to feel familiar and timeless. LG thankfully trusted in me and Blood to mold everything into that world. I loved introducing her to records that she maybe wasn't familiar with but more often than not Gaga was already a fan of a lot of my references! I remember us having a mutual love for Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters for instance! we'd bring that record up a lot!!

QUESTION: For those who are unfamiliar with your work- If you had to pick 3 songs by yourself as a way to introduce yourself, which 3 would you pick? Is there a song that you've made over the course of your career that you're most proud of?



BURNS- Loving Touch
BURNS- Energy Feat. A$AP Rocky & Sabrina Claudio
Lady Gaga - Rain On Me Feat. Ariana Grande

I think right now I'm super proud of Rain On Me... I love what the song stands for and I love that I didn't compromise with the sound, it stays true to my taste in music which is why I love it

QUESTION: Loved your work on Chromatica last year. How was it like the making of the album? Were there many changes from the initial ideas until the final product, like was it a completely different genre or style? How was it like to work with Lady Gaga? Did you also work in Chromatica tracks that didn't make the cut?


BURNS: The making of Chromatica was one of my favorite musical experiences to date for sure! Loved it!

There's usually a lot of changes between initial idea and final product! We had a lot of demos that were at different stages of completion, a lot were just Gaga rough vocal over chords and nothing else. It was our job to then take them into a world that worked with the idea of what Chromatica was! Gaga is incredible a true artist and a kind person, loved working with her and I'm sure we'll so more in the future!!!

QUESTION: What production of yours are you most proud of?


BURNS: I'm really proud of Rain On Me for Gaga and Ariana too, I think that song will also stand the test of time. its also pretty complex from a production stand point, took a long time to get right!

QUESTION: I wanted to ask how you came up with the idea of sampling Diana Ross' "It's My House" on Replay. Was it something that was present since you first began working on the song or was it added later in the mix?


BURNS: It was actually already an idea I had that I ended up playing to Gaga and she just loved the instrumental!

BURNS also talked about the making of Make Me... with Britney.

QUESTION: Hi Burns, loved your production with the pop girlies.

I would love to hear your process with working on Make Me with Britney.




It was a while ago but that record was a pretty long process, I wrote the song with a songwriter and friend of mine Joe Janiak maybe a year before Britney heard it. From what I remember it was just the instrumental with Joe singing the chorus part and nothing else. Britney heard that rough idea and loved the feeling of it, that then led to us getting in the studio with her to finish writing the rest of the song with her. It all came together from there! I remember I was staying at a friends house in LA at the time and actually made the instrumental in his kitchen one day on a terrible electric guitar that I bought from Guitar Center for $150 haha

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11 minutes ago, Stefani said:

I want a full album of all of Gaga's demos and unreleased tracks from Artpop to Chromatica. :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:

Same! There are so many songs from those eras that should have been released, especially Sire, TEA, Tinnitus, Onion Girl, Temple, Room In My Heart (w/ Elton John), Babylon (Haus Labs Version), Stupid Love demo, Heard It On The Radio (ARTPOP rework of NOBTR), etc. :wigsnatched_point_you_wow_yes_yas:


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17 minutes ago, InTheZone4Life said:

I’ve yet to really dive into Chromatica very much. I loved Rain on Me! However, I wasn’t a huge fan of Sour Candy. What are you faves on the album and I’ll take a listen :yay_britney_excited_ftr_for_the_record_2008_cheering_clapping:

My faves, personally, are Alice, Rain On Me, Free Woman, 911, Replay, Sine From Above, and Babylon. They could be different for you, so feel free to give it a try :enigma_alien_blue:

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