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My Take on the TMZ Article: Her conservators can go **** themselves


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This is a long post/rant, just a warning for ya. 

So by now most of you have read the TMZ article. 

And first, I would like to start off by saying I'm 100% on the #FreeBritney movement. She deserves her freedom.

The ONLY reason she is not free at the moment is due to her name, her bank account, and her profitability. This scenario is not ethical for several reasons.

The government has no right to manage anyone's day to day life. If that were the case, known pedophiles would not be living among us with no supervision. It would be illegal for the government to freeze somebody's bank account and give them a weekly allowance if they were a known gambler. You cannot step in and take control over the lives of every grown person in this country who has a **** abuse problem. 

There are plenty of people out in the world who are gravely ill, and it would be considered to be a complete violation of their rights to do even half the **** the CONservatorship has done to Britney. If the state of California cared so much about mental health, they would start by getting the homeless population off of the street instead of leaving them to fend for themselves. 

The TMZ article was whining about the team of doctors, lawyers, therapists, and judge who all make a profit from this "hybrid-business model."  Its interesting, I've never seen a single person who required such a high-quality, overpaid team of useless slobs, who are clearly raking in hundreds of thousands, to possibly millions of dollars, and yet Britney's condition has allegedly deteriorated over the last two years. So why is this conservatorship still in place, when its no longer even helping and is in detriment to the one person who its actually supposed to help?

Why is Britney being bled dry? Clearly the access to top-tier medical talent is not helping. So would it not be better for the court to assign any social worker to her case? Why is Britney's mental illness costing her millions of dollars? Its the most expensive condition in the world, it seems! :)  Its interesting that Britney's mental state started "deteriorating" the second that she decided that she was no longer going to play along with this farce. 

Here is my stance: Britney, at this point, might be gravely mentally ill. We don't know all the facts here. I would suspect it has to do with being forced onto prescription meds she doesn't need, isolated, gaslighted, and overall loss of autonomy for 12 years. 

Britney might even have suicidal tendencies. I am going to get downvoted for this, but this might be true as well. Awful to speculate, but she did want to die in plenty of her music videos. And if its not so extreme, she at least wants to let us know she feels caged in. I do believe that there is SOMETHING that her team has yet to reveal, which is their "justification" for having her under these restraints.

Do I think something other than her dad getting abusive with her son happened to strain her relationship with her children? Yes. We have Jayden's general apathetic stance towards her on his IG live. And the fact that their step-brother was liking shady comments about how the boys were happier at KFed's than with their mom. Kevin's step-mother as well was liking shady comments about Britney. I do believe that whatever Britney is struggling with has caused friction between her and her kids. You can downvote me for this if you want, but the fact that they no longer make any appearances on her IG to me is very telling. 

At the end of the day, she should still be free. This is a situation she obviously does not consent to. It has taken a toll on her mentally as well. She clearly does not care for Lou Taylor. Her father has said himself his relationship with his daughter has always been strained. Why the **** is he still in charge of her assets? Why is someone who has abused her all of her life (Just read "Through the Storm" by Lynn Spears) and assaulted her son still in charge of her day to day? Why do people that Britney cannot stand have a say in her life? This whole thing was the best orchestrated con I have ever seen in my life. If it were really about her mental health, they would give her the AUTONOMY of choosing who she wants to oversee her situation. I would not mind this situation for her if these leeches weren't the ones at the helm and if Britney had a say in even what doctors she sees or who her conservator is. (Jamie even had a hand in choosing Jodi, someone with a history of conservatorship/elderly abuse allegations.)

What is happening to her is legalized crime. Whatever mental illness she has gives NOBODY the right to take over her assets and her bank accounts, and her business decisions. These people are holding on tight for dear life because this is too good of a deal for them. Lou Taylor and Sam Lutfi are cut from the same cloth. Lou Taylor is someone (allegedly) with the same predatory instincts. Just like Sam, she was going around seeing who she could manipulate and trap. She tried the same thing with Lindsay Lohan, just like Sam tried the same thing with Courtney Love, Amanda Bynes, etc. 

At the end of the day, if freeing Britney means that she is so unstable that she is going to blow all her money to the point that she is penniless and living under the bridge THAT IS HER RIGHT TO DO SO. It is nobody else's business. If Britney were that suicidal, I believe she would have done it already. I seriously doubt that loosening the restrictions on her life would make her more so a danger to herself. If she is going to commit any crime when not under the restraints of Lou or Jamie then they have FAILED her as her conservators. But at the end of the day Britney has the right to **** up her life, just like the rest of us. Its time to let her live her life on her terms. 


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We are at a huge crossroad in history right now and I think Britney's situation is a micro version of what is happening with the United States and maybe throughout the world via globalism.  It's very disheartening.  I think Britney will have to give up her fortune to be free but at this point they may not even do that out of fear that she would talk.  :decisions:

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