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  1. So.... She waited to this moment to told us these???? ... If she was really smart she should published this before , and really would be helpfull for ur sister conservatorship and consequence all the support from the bfans for you... but you decided the other way... so take ur sh... shower.
  2. its difficult these about neglect things, even shakira and Xtina could'nt delete at all her albums of peligro, magia (shakira) just be free (Xtina) so she just can't ignore the fact about that albums about performing, i really think she was involved in all the mixing of the shows and the setlist i mean, Boys, touch of my hand, blackout and breathe on me are britney's favs, so i think she was involved on the shows and the setlist. I mean the original version of toxic, BOMT , Oops, Slave are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the last 3 tours she made it....
  3. Ok, let me say that Mi Plan by nelly furtado is a great album and was a great tour show also, and do it well in latin america. Xtina i think she could be succesfull if she do it now, before others album came and if she would make a videoalbum like beyonce,anitta would be shockly amazing.
  4. Why so many injustice?? A guy that can't "register" in a forum is difficult, and britney is the one with the conservatorshipcna
  5. Im curious about how a person who was at b's backstage many times never suspected "something" was going on about the whole mess about brit was involved. I mean you could feel the energy....
  6. OMG I'm Curious about Xtina Next Tour Setlist..........How could she sing Santo Santo and Next Maria ....
  7. Don't worry, Britney & Xtina got something in common don't have great fathers
  8. Personally I Would Like a Piece of Me professional & Circus Tour Recordings would be great 4 Fans, but if the sales & promo would benefit the team con i prefer just to forget about it. Britney Jean album could be like Xtina album Just Be Free. I mean, something to forget...
  9. I like it it's great doc for GP! Got some mistakes like cleaning the Kevin, Adnan and samlu image at the beggining because I think Sam Lut got a connection with LT. And the kfed lawyer is a mess. But resuming the audio, the letter when she says Kevin consuming pot, the docs file made all the doc. And Felicia did great job with framing B's 1&2, but this time she say I can't answer to everything
  10. The Femme Fatale was epic in that for those who lived the whole era (Withoy Knowing what was happening behind the scenes) i mean was britney in the radio, on the clubs, on the billboards, really aged well the experience of the Femme fatale for me was on of the best shows I ever assisted why? the concept, like a movie, its a concept show, not a simple concert, forget singles, the awful remixes, that dry attitude (about to don't like been there) was really like a whole movie, i really liked the experience, its like one time experience.
  11. OMG ,if jodi and Jamie are not guilty, who's next Justin timberlake, pepsi, in the zone era?
  12. Im Xtina Fan I Love Bionic, Her first album and stripped of course, there are albums that i could listen from the first song to the last one. but i think she mades the show a little bit boring with her setlist, she needs to make it more popsy more boom boom and performing songs IN THE ORIGINAL MIX , the 30% of her last shows are boring with all this mariah concept, and too many boring ballads
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