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Dream LG6 tracklist

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Hey guys, gays, and girls! 

Enjoy my concept for LG6





  1. He Kept on Walking (feat. Kate Bush)
  2. Make You Feel My Pain
  3. Wild Night
  4. I Said No
  5. Hit the Lights (feat. SOPHIE)
  6. Time Stood Still (feat. Adele)
  7. Until You Breathe No More
  8. Invincible
  9. Partner Swapping Club
  10. Get Away
  11. Satin Dreams (feat. St. Vincent)
  12. Shut You Up
  13. Constellation (feat. Goldfrapp)
  14. I Never Needed You
  15. Battle for Your Life


Some lyrics for the first track:

I close the door so carefully
That not one soul hears it shut
I simply can’t have anyone know where I’m going
What I’m doing in this rut
And if you try to make me stop I’ll show you the meaning of grief


Because I saw him going hand in hand
With a beauty half his age
Through the promenade crowd and even God was proud
At how well he had played
And I couldn’t help but follow in the footsteps of my former man so high
I caught up to him
I said his name
And he just kept on walking by

It wouldn’t hurt me whatsoever
If she would cease chasing my every step
I’m not one for retribution
Or revenge, but I can except
And if it comes to that I’ll show her the meaning of rage


Because I saw her tracing our footprints
Every shadow; indentation
Through the boulevard rush and it was hard to brush
Her off my imagination
Yet I couldn’t help but turn my head towards the woman so cunning and sly
|I looked back at her
I cursed a slur
And we kept on driving by

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