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There's one big reason why she is not selling


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2 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

They just remember TTWE but it's not like they care about it...HIAM never happened and IWG was a cute song but not something memorable like her older hits 

IWG isn't considered one of her classics, but it was still a huge hit on the radio. People were aware of the album, and the proof is in the fact that it was her last album to go Platinum in the US.

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13 hours ago, sue the expectional earner said:

hahah y'all so funny, she doesn't sale because her image is mediocre, she can't dance like she used to, she is not beautiful like she used to be, her music is not good enough, and people don't like her because everybody knows she playbacks all the time.

don't @ at me, i always tell the truth :NYsassy:

and you're a fan of her exactly for what???:squintney: and don't tell me about her past cause this sound soo dramatic and pesimistic:lemmetellu:

i think you are all overreacting as always, Britney had a success in 2011 with femme fatale and she wasn't at her peak either, but she had it, at least a commercial success, she still can make hits, the last two albums were not so good and they were focus at vegas at that time, which was a success-like to admit it or not:whitney: she made history with that and you need to deal with it-some of you, she set a trend and now big names want to do a show there (etc lady gaga) so don't be so unfair to her,ok? Furthermore her asian tour was a success and her summer tour already sell amazingly well for someone who stayed 4 years at Vegas so my coclusion is to shut your mouths and stop being so UNFAIR to her, i mean we are her fans if we are so bitchy about everything imagine what the world whould say, just stop it and give her what she deserves. With a great album and a GREAT song she can have a hit, at the end of the day work ***** was a hit. With glory she experimented and tried something different, her team made some mistakes ok, but you can't say that she's done, even someone that isn't a fan wouldn't say that.:nochillbrit:

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When I went into JB Hifi (major music store in Australia), I actually had to go digging to find it :icant2: They didn’t have any promo and it wasn’t in the New Release section. I asked a friend who worked there what the hell was going on, since even basic Indie artists get on the NR stand. He said Sony (her Aus label) didn’t provide any marketing and didn’t pay to have it placed in the NR section, but if it debuts in the top 10, it will automatically be put up there. 

How the hell it got to #3 here with that kinda promo is quite a testament to fans. Obviously people are still interested. Even ITZ only reached #10. I don’t want to discuss BJ sales :jackk:

So the interest is still there, it’s just getting out to the GP. I appreciate Make Me cause it was a bit different for Britney, but it was risky. She needs an amazing pop dance track that will catch on with the GP. Then another one so it really is a comeback. Save the experimental stuff for later singles.

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When Adele released 25 she only had one commercial air in the UK! she had nothing here if I remember right. It was all word of mouth and social media. 

Britney just doesn’t have the selling power anymore, no one here wants to accept that. She did more promo for glory than bj and still sold less. 

Britney needs a reinvention. Her image isn’t special and there isn’t anything that sets her apart from current artists. Maybe at one time she had more to offer but it’s clear in her sales and following outside of social media that she isn’t as relevant as she once was. Welcome to Hollywood.

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there's no really interest anymore in the things she's doing...
In Germany no one really care'S about Britney Music anymore....
The forgot her... lol.... At the moment you can find some postings on facebook about her concerts this year in germany.
I think they are sold out.... But not because Britney has such good hits.... It's because the fans over here waited so long
for her to come over!  It's getting boring that the guys have to lsiten to TOXIC, BABY ONE MORE TIME and PIECE OF ME....
For years! No one knows that she has so much more.... If the radio is playing a Britney Song it's one of them above...
Not even TTWE :-( Maybe she can turn the page again!  She really should care about her job a s a singer/ entertainer....
I mean hey, the artwork... who's paying for **** like that?! I guess in this forum are thousands of talented art-directors who would
make it for free - and it would REALLY look much better than anything she ever released....
Don't understand it at all... it could be a great contest - DESIGN BRITNEY'S NEW ALBUM! :-p FOR FREE! lol

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