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Ya'll are still having meltdowns over The Glory era, while I still haven't gotten over.......

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This could've been the start of something good for her:anxiety:

Granted, some of the lyrics are a bit cheesy/cringey but the song slays. I was so excited hoping we would get Britney's version on BJ and then it turned out that the rumor was false and it wasn't for her. 

This would've been a great track for her to record, and I'm forever pressed I don't have a Britney vocal version to vibe out too :( 

what are ya'lls thought on Old City Of Mine?

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7 minutes ago, Iexpectyouto said:

It’s a really cool song. I wish she would’ve recorded it. 

Imagine if we got songs like this on BJ instead of WB and ISBE:wontcry:

Imagine no Myah anywhere to be heard:wontcry:

We could've had her actual most personal record to date, it could've been a complete fan favorite and that new direction that everyone wants from her music:wontcry:

Im forever pressed.

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