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Something I've noticed on a few media websites.


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    17 hours ago, Million Billion said:

    Well, it's so different tbh. 

    1. Britney's success wasn't entirely due to her singing talent unlike Adele. She was a POPSTAR which implies multiple features such as image, dancing, charisma, looking, promotion, etc. So it would be stupid to complain to media for messing with you personal life when it was what actually made you being a popstar. 

    2. Adele IS a successful singer but Britney was a pop music phenomenon. It went out of control. Her audiences were way different. Adele is targeted to an average young audience while Britney was targeted to teenagers (or even younger people). 

    3. Music industry was completely different. Sadly or Luckly she crossed the bridge from one generation where we used to consume music and artists from tv, magazines and actual physical albums  to the next one where everything is so fast with social networking and streaming sites. Quoting Larry from IABJ: "she was one of the 1st celebrities affected by the new massive change in medie culture". They (media) used to overreact at everything, now a music scandal wouln't last more than 1 or 2 months and then, there will be another fun Hollywood story to talk about.  


    Just an opinion. :brityes:

    To be fair, I don't think Adele's success has to do with her singing either. I think her music is very old fashioned, Frank Sinatra style that is super classic and since she has the audience who bought CD's growing up buying her music, her album sales are higher. I think she is popular to the entire industry because her album sales are so high from a mature audience that even the younger generation took notice because she was everywhere, which made her bigger.


    Britney's music is about the same when it comes to popularity but the only difference is which fan base was buying from her. I actually do agree with what you are saying at #1 but what I am saying is that they are both famous for making popular music for a specific target audience but the difference is that the music can only take you so far in teen pop like Britney's in her prime and she had to sell herself the rest of the way by using her image or else she would have been a one hit wonder.


    Lots of artists have had big pop hits like Baby One More Time but why did we remember that song so well? It is because of Britney. She continued her career beyond that by constantly delivering and being the face of the song. She had the likable face, charisma, image, all of what you said. She used her image to sell herself, so people can look forward to whatever she has in store for the audience. A song is just a song but the artist is the one that the audience buys from and if they don't make a lasting impression, then it's over. 

    However, it could have stopped with music videos and live performances. She could have kept everything else about her life private or kept out of endorsements. In my opinion, that was enough but she was always in the forefront of everything and it nearly killed her. It was so much overkill that it did not help her for this time in her career. I think she would have still been successful without pushing everything towards everyone's face. Though, I believe everything happens for a reason. I feel like we all learned from it as a society, if you think about the way she was treated just as a young lady who made pop music.

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