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Next Glory Leak ?

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I would like to know, what are you expecting of Glory to leak, like a game,

i'm expecting Change Your Mind Stems, Album Instrumentals, Liar AdLibs, Just Like Me Stems, i didn't heard even a snippet of it, Better Stems, Unrealesed Demo, Private Show Instrumental, Man On The Moon Stems (i want this sooo baad ), 3rd single, etc.


Today LMD i almost got die, i was working and when i heard that the stems were leaked, i just stop everything i was doing to download it ha ha,  those adlibs :cinderellaney: :foh:

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11 hours ago, itsdiegofs said:

**** everyone who has this video

i'm so tired, stop being so selfish 

they can't leak even the first minute in HQ

i thought we were a family, but NO

Our world is so cruel. What did you expect? :crying4:

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