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I can appreciate Glory more after listening to other's albums.

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So lately I've been bored with nothing to do so I've been listening to a lot of albums by other artists lately and I've been making comparisons between them. Depending on the year of release, they each have a distinct sound to them. Like around 2010-2012, the pop albums all had an electro/club vibe to them (LOUD, FF, MDNA, BTW) and from 2015 to now they have a laid back and "chill" vibe to them (Glory, Anti, Rebel Heart, Joanne, Purpose, Dangerous Woman, Revival, etc.) I've noticed that while they each have their own style to them, they are basically copies of each other. Sometimes they can sound amazing and well done, and other times they feel like they're lacking something. 

I was listening to Katy Perry's 'Witness' album and it left me feeling the same way Joanne left me feeling...underwhelmed. I'm not saying that I hated the albums, I'm saying that sonically, it was a little boring (with a few exceptions) and since it was released in the same time frame as these other artists who released a "slow/vibey" album, it felt like it was just average compared to the others. And after hearing these albums, I can say that Glory definitely deserves more praise than these albums. It's fun and dancey while at the same time being slow and moody. It's interesting and the songs don't just blend together. It's exciting and on point with the production. :likethat:


anyone else feel feel this way?



- Katy Perry and lady Gaga's most recent albums can't compare to glory

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Glory is pure perfection!  :cinderellaney:

-Flawless vocals

-Great production and music

-Amazing Lyrics


-No Myah & will.i.am (THANK GOD!!)




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I'm honestly not tired of Glory. It aged really well compared to Joanne (and kill me, but also compared to Anti...but I think that's because Anti is not really careless pop)

However, what's missing, as I said in a million other threads, is Britney setting trends, not following them OR a strong commercial era. I mean, it's pop, after all, it's not fun if you're the only one who knows about it. I love music that I can ask DJs to play, music that plays at groceries stores... I mean, up to 2009 I have a lot of memories related to Britney because her music was just there, but now it's always Taylor, Katy, Gaga.

So either you show your artistry, or come for the charts, honey! 

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I feel like every other album of 2016 pale in comparison to Glory. I still listen to Glory the most out of any of Britney's music and for me it's just as timeless as BO and ITZ.

That's not to say that I don't like any other albums from 2016 because there are a few other good albums like Mind of Mine, Dangerous Woman, Anti, etc.

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