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[Appreciation Thread] Scream & Shout Era - > Late 2012 / Early 2013

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 For the Scream & Shout era, most of the time, she looked happy, young, fresh, fierce and DELIVERED on basically every level

  • #1 Single WW + 8M Records sold
  • Re-defining the word Fierce in the videos



  • Re-popularizing the line "It's Britney *****" and slaying the GP
  • Looking great on most of the X-Factor live shows



  • Slaying on Fantasy Twist & Twister Dance commercials 



  • Stealing the spot at Whitney Houston Event


  • Shutting mouths with Elle & Shape shoots:

o-BRITNEY-SPEARS-ELLE-COVER-570.jpg?4 2013-05-08-britney-spears-shape-magazine

  • Ending fans lives with flawless daily candids

Ixcwxa_T.jpg Britney-Spears-Goes-Church-Thousand-Oaks normal_XRAY_XP_SOCCER_BRITNEY_SPEARS_284


  • Making groundbreaking appearances at Elton's Party & Wango Tango



It was an amazing time to be a Britney fan: 




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1 minute ago, button said:

i'm looking hard for something to appreciate :snooptoya:

I'm in tears right now I put so much efforts in this thread :wendycry:

And btw Scream & Shout remix MV is one of the best thing she has done since the comeback so BITE ME :wendycry:

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Just now, I am Max. said:

The song went #1, and she looked HOT on both videos, and that tbh, was amazing. Also, she looked smoking hot and perfect the beginning of 2013, remember Wango Tango?  Ooh La La music video? Flawless. However, I wished the X Factor days never happened. 

All of this originally is in the OP but everything went wrong with these ******* spoilers :wendycry:

Wango Tango and Mario's interview, Elton John Party, church candids, S&S remix etc <3 :wendycry:

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Guest Diamond Horse
2 hours ago, mauureee said:

Resultado de imagen para britney work ***** gif

Resultado de imagen para britney work ***** gif

Resultado de imagen para britney work ***** gif

I suppose in this video her voice is edited dramatically. There are comparison pictures of with and without the photoshop.

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Guest Diamond Horse
Just now, mauureee said:

her voice isn't even there, it's myah :meltdown:

I get you meant her face, and I agree though :plzexplain:

it is not a bad editing. but if I look closely it doesn't even look like her 

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