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When you realize that Britney Jean is a good album


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Still don't understand why people jump on the "Hate Britney Jean" bandwagon. Yeah it's her worst album, but there are still a lot of gems on there (Work *****, Alien, Perfume, It Should Be Easy, Hold on Tight, Til it's Gone, Passenger, Brightest Morning Star, Now That I Found You)

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It's a great winter album :plzexplain:

4 minutes ago, Dinirocal said:

It is not :(  .... Its her only album I can't appreciate.


I think "Don't cry",  "Brightest morning star" and "Hold on tight" are great and show a more mellow direction (the true "Britney Jean") ...but the overall album isn't good at all. 

If the album followed this direction and took off the dubstep sound it would sound a lot better tbh.

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