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When you realize that Britney Jean is a good album


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22 hours ago, BritneyRocksMe said:

Still don't understand why people jump on the "Hate Britney Jean" bandwagon. Yeah it's her worst album, but there are still a lot of gems on there (Work *****, Alien, Perfume, It Should Be Easy, Hold on Tight, Til it's Gone, Passenger, Brightest Morning Star, Now That I Found You)

Gurl, you just mentioned 9 out of 13 songs from the album. That doen't make it bad LOL

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23 hours ago, jennyj said:

It was actually one of her best albums LYRICALLY... unfortunately though, Flop.I.Am screwed up the music and vocals... so that's why it doesn't deserve as much praise as it should.   Alien and Till It's Gone would have been very successful and radio-friendly singles if he didn't screw them the freakin' vocals and production. :staysalty:


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It is a good album

I feel like Britney/that era was somehow sabotaged?

  1. Alien has a glitch
  2. And most of the songs prominently have Myah's vocals. The only songs that we could hear Britney are mostly the ballads/mid-tempos...
  3. The album seems unfinished somehow because they don't use Britney's vocals a lot
  4. Then there's the typo "Hold On Tite" on the album cover
  5. Why wasn't there somebody to vet the album before its official release?
  6. It seemed very rushed to promote the Vegas Residency

Potentially, it could be a great album tbh... 

On the other hand, Glory had a lot of Britney's inputs and I'm glad she did!  :verycool:

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On 2/7/2017 at 7:16 PM, TomM0RE said:

Loves it!

people started bashing it after the flop so it doesn't matter.

I perfectly remember how exhale was praising the album when it came out!

I still love it and consider it a masterpiece. It just needed a more involved britney and more promo.

I am still mad tig and alien were not singles. Brightest morning star is a gem too.

But here we are still praising Glory after it flopped :plzexplain:

People always compliment new stuff because it's new and exciting, but it takes a couple months to form an opinion on it.

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