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When you realize that Britney Jean is a good album


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Can anyone explain why they like Body Ache? I usually will find a way to eventually like a song but Body Ache is just so bad, but I always hear people saying that it should've been a single.

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It was actually one of her best albums LYRICALLY... unfortunately though, Flop.I.Am screwed up the music and vocals... so that's why it doesn't deserve as much praise as it should.   Alien and Till It's Gone would have been very successful and radio-friendly singles if he didn't screw them the freakin' vocals and production. :staysalty:

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I think its decent, the only thing i dont like is how the producer edited her voice and made it sound like she recorded every syllable seperately. :selenerz:

Maybe she did though.

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Guest Diamond Horse
4 hours ago, Da Bubblah said:

Such a shame Hold On Tite it's supposed to be one of her most personal songs on the album yet it's sung by another person :byebitch:

Hold On Tight certainly isn't, we have the raw vocs as acoustic and it sounds totally Britney!


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18 minutes ago, everybodygoesdown said:

It has some good songs, but it's not a good cohesive album. 

I don't think Hold on tite and brightest morning star are that good either, those lyrics are downright cheezy, to me personally they are up there with "my baby" and "dear diary" 


Compare this:


And when it's all the thunder and rain
The cinema is fading away
I gotta make my way through the night
Holding on with all of my might

Dear Diary:

He smiled
And I thought my heart could fly
Diary, do you think that we'll be more than friends?
I've got a feeling we'll be so much more than friends


Yeah, not quite sure what cheesy is to you, cuz those HOT lyrics have a cheesiness of  negative 10% :staysalty:

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