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Um, WTF? When did Britney wear symbols on her breasts at VMA 2001?

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I have seen this performance 10 million times, and not once have I ever noticed these weird glitter symbols on her breasts. One on each side and one on top, and then there are 2 MASSIVE stars on the back of her body. You can see it when she climbs the staircase at the end, or when she shakes her ***?


I've been rewatching this performance probably every year since 2001 and this is the first time I'm seeing them on pictures or video. I remember Britney having beautiful tanned skin contrasting against the green bra and the colorful skirt. These ugly symbols ruin in.


Is this yet another #MandelaEffect affecting Britney?


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Just now, Cosmic Fantasy said:

Actually I dressed up in this costume and I was really upset I didn't wear them. 

Come on, don't tell me you're falling for this ****? You're a Britney stan! Don't let the illuminati cloud your memory.


Glee - one of the most expensive TV shows of the 2000s:




NO SYMBOLS. What, they ran out of cash?

America's Next Top Model: they did Britney & Kevin. The color of the outfit is wrong, but again NO SYMBOLS. What, did Tyra Banks not have any screencaps to show her costume department?



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Just now, falka said:

flop fan :jolieoverit:

you're the flop fan if you believe this fraud. If not one single person on this forum can remember Britney's original performance without those glitter symbols on her ***** and ***, then none of you deserve to call yourself Britney fans. I can't be the only one who realizes there's a huge difference. Come on, we all KNOW her (as much as possible).

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Just now, F.a.u.zish said:

maybe your brain is confusing it with the DWAD performance subconsciously? they were always there.

Nope. I have the Live In Las Vegas DVD.


I even watched this video with you guys when MTV uploaded the HQ video this year and removed the 2007 VMAs videos. No symbols when it was first uploaded. Just like how Slumber Party video USED to have Britney mouthing the words "If there's 7 minutes in heaven, make it double, triple" and now, her lips don't move at all and Tinashe sings solo.

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