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Keep It: Lifetime Shares New Photos From 'Britney' Biopic

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Lifetime's unauthorized Britney biopic is still a thing.

Australian actress Natasha Bassett has big shoes to fill, and she's off to a wobbly start.

Bassett stars as Britney Spears in an upcoming biopic, which does not get the stamp of approval from the pop star herself. In fact, she issued a statement she wants nothing to do with it "in any way, shape or form," but Bassett hopes Britney watches it anyway.

"I have a huge amount of respect for Britney and for her career," Bassett told ET. "I listened to her music so much growing up. I have videos of me as a tween practicing her songs in the mirror with a hairbrush in my hand."

She added: "I've watched every video I can. Every interview I can," said Bassett, who admitted she's not a natural dancer. "I just immersed myself into Britneyland."


The movie will feature iconic moments in Britney's life, ones she'd likely rather not relive: her romance with Justin Timberlake, the head shaving incident, bashing a car with an umbrella, and past VMA performances.

Britney’s father, Jamie, and mom, Lynne, will be played by Matthew Harrison and Nicole Oliver. Peter Benson will play manager Larry Rudolph and Markian Tarasiuk will star as backup dancer Wade Robson.


"I really hope she watches the movie, because I think she'd really enjoy it," Bassett said. "It's really a love letter to her and to her story, so I really hope she watches it and I just wish her all the happiness in the world."

She continued: "I started to gain a lot more of an understanding of what she went through," Bassett said. "And it was very sad. I just feel like I have so much more of an understanding of what she went through now."

No, girl, you don't.

Watch the interview here:

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8 minutes ago, Zulu Spears said:

Read the article. I see they going with the whole Britney cheated on Justin with Wade/ Justin cheated on her with Jenna Dewan angle. Also, Kevin's wedding outfit is tragic....sneakers? Couldn't they have googled images of the actual outfits? Cheap mess :byebitch:

YAS. this movie would be so much better produced if friggin exhalers were in charge of it; I'm waiting for this girl to 'dance' in scenes and for it to be a shameful disaster 

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