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Inb4 someone reposts that rumor from PJ

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Basically someone said (I can't say they're reliable) that rumor has it that SP is last single off of Glory.

And let me just debunk that bullshit by simple logical thing. SP was released 10 days ago. It's doing good so far with just an mv out. It takes time to build up and it yet has to peak. She's performing next week. There is no way that the label decided for the era to end after SP because the results are still not even in yet nor they have any reliable info on how it's going to perform in future.


Anyways keep requesting and streaming on Youtube and Spotify.

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6 minutes ago, Kisle said:

Who's they? :ponderney:

Some people here (of course I don't remember their usernames) said that only one of the three events was going to be able for streaming. And people were complaining about what was the point of doing them if the GP wasn't going to see them and a typical exhale discussion started from there. :bigtime:

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