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IDEA: "Mother Nature" 3 song mini-movie for Glory

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'Mood Ring'

Begins with a man and a woman (Britney). Britney is dressed like how Cara Delevingne is in Suicide Squad when she's casting spells. The man is a godlike figure, who gives his wife, Britney, a gift, a planet. She was given this gift due to her heavy mood swings. The husband loves her very much and he wanted to give her the gift of a planet to hopefully make her smile and feel better. But with all good, comes bad. As Britney is holding the planet in her hands, its a bright ball and it's fast forwarding through it's phases of the planet. Starting off as a fiery red ball, then cooling down to form the crust, then oceans forming, land, and the continents splitting. The planet rotating at the same time as she's viewing the world in her hands quickly flipping through its history. She's able to touch and affect the planet with her fingers, but she has to press them through the ozone layer in order to do so. "Be careful what you do with it", her husband says as he looks down at the glowing colorful planet sitting in her hands and then looks up at her. "I will", she replies. Scene goes black.

Music begins along with Britney crying in distress and pressing her finger into the planet. A POV is shown from the same view and location but in different time periods looking up at the sky. Each pause from "mustard - on the - beat" shows the POV but different time periods of the scene being empty, then with dinosaurs, then with humans, looking up into the sky as a meteor crossing through the sky, only soon to strike the ground and extinct those living at the moment.

First verse: Britney looking into the planet, looking at her reflection in the oceans. Shaking the planet up and down violently and her husband trying to calm her down by grabbing her arms to prevent her from anymore shaking, but not touching the planet.

Chorus: Britney holding the planet and gazing into it, displaying her emotions and the planet reacting to it. During the part in the chorus with just the beat going, the scenes during this time vibrate and show different mood swings going on with the planet being caused by Britney. Storms, floods, snow, rain, volcanoes, twisters, flowers blooming.

Second verse: Ending result from the vibrating scenes and disasters being caused, is Britney splitting apart the continents (pangea). Britney looks at the planet with sadness as she sees that she split the continent in half and she hides the planet behind her back as her husband is approaching. Her husband goes to hug her, touches her thigh, and the planet glows as northern lights streak across the planet.

Chorus: Same as with first chorus, but more happier things being shown going on on the planet.

Bridge: The husband sees Britney is happier and he goes to lift Britney up in his arms with her legs wrapped around his back (similar with Snoop scene in Outrageous). As he lifts her, Britney drops the planet on the floor. She sings the bridge to her husband, touching his face as she sings. The scene then pans down to the floor, focusing on the planet on the floor, with Britney and her husband in the background kissing. The planet is cracked open and the lava is spilling out across the whole planet and it's turning it back into a fiery red ball, resetting it back to the beginning of time.

Final chorus: The scene zooms into the planet, showing a POV of the humans. Everyone is running around in distress as they see that the end is approaching (similar to the ending of the movie Knowing). As everything on the planet begins to evaporate and turn into fire, the scene continues to zoom out to show the entire planet, then speeding forward to show it cooling down into a gray ball, zooming out even farther, revealing that the planet is the moon as the camera flies past Earth, showing the once Earthy planet, now turned into a frozen rock, which is now the moon.

Man On The Moon

Music begins with a rocket being shown leaving Earth's atmosphere, then the scene zooms up to the rocket, showing Britney in the pilot's seat. Britney's rocketing to the moon and it's being implyed the rocket is going fast based on how her mascara mixed in with her tears is dripping towards the back of her head. Britney sings the opening lines as the scene shows her rocket bouncing around due to speed and shes bouncing around in her seat and looking out the window in fear.

First verse: Britney crash lands on the moon in a comedic way where her rocket disintegrates and she bounces on the moon and then her tent pops up from the ground and she bounces into the tent. Britney sings the lines of the first verse, looking out the window from her tent, opening the window, then going outside of the tent. During "Houston I know there's a problem here", it's shown Britney writing S.O.S. into the ground and then the scene pans up showing her walk out a few steps and then turns around.

Chorus: Britney does a solo choreography scene in a tight fitting NASA space suit, but ripped up with long dangling stands and holes throughout the suit. She kicks up "moon dust" throughout the dance scene. At the end of the chorus, she falls backwards into a pile of moon dust and looks up into the stars.

Second verse: As she looks into the stars, it's shown a ghostly image of 'Goddess Britney' with her god husband cuddling each other. "One small step and baby you were wrong" scene showing the husband looking down at the planet when God Britney dropped it on the floor. "Now there's meaning in the saddest songs" God Britney cries and her tears fall onto what is now the moon. Astronaut Britney can't see God Britney but she sees the rain that begins to fall on the planet, which is God Britney's tears. The scene pans back up into the world of God Britney and her husband.

Second chorus: God Britney and her husband do the same choreography that Astronaut Britney did but in a big giant room that's similar to the room in the movie Tomorrowland when they show the planet on the stand and they can skip forward to see what's happening on the planet. Same room, but bigger and multiple stations, each with a different planet on it. God Britney and her husband do the same choreography but a little different to incorporate moves so they could be interact together a couple.

Bridge: The room zooms back into the moon sitting on the floor and shows Astronaut Britney driving around in her rover. She see's search lights beaming around in the sky in the distance like a movie premier. As she approaches closer and closer, she starts to see more lights and neon signs, but no words on them, just shapes.

Final chorus: She arrives to the lights. Located inside a crater is a bunch of neon signs with a man standing in the middle who's waving her to come with him to go beyond the neon lights. She drives down into the crater and heads for the gentlemen. She jumps out and runs towards him. She pauses for a moment and then runs up with arms wide open to go in for a hug.

Just Luv Me

Music begins with Britney hugging the gentlemen, only for it to be a hologram and she falls through it to the other side. It was a trap, she falls into a glass box where you can go in but you can't get out. She can see everything around her but she can only has access to the few feet around her inside her box. The first few seconds of the song loops for a minute or two to show time going by, indicating that she's been in the box for a few days.

First verse: "I'm not gonna ask for a sip when I'm thirsty" Britney sings as she raises into the view of the camera, being filmed from outside the glass box. She's sweaty, dirty in the face, and messy hair. Visible that she's been in there for a few days with no food or water. She looks around in the box in loneliness, wishing that that the gentlemen she was hoping to hug was real and not a visible hologram from the backside, where she was now located.

First chorus: Britney bangs on the glass box and slides up and down against the glass pleading for the hologram to be real and to love her. She bangs on the box more and notices the cracks beginning to form, she continues to bang on it until the whole box shatters all around her. She begins to run away as far as she can from the area of the lights.

Second verse: Britney finally makes it to an area with a small waterfall, and she rushes into the water to drink from it and wash herself and to go under the wall of water.

Second chorus: Britney dances under the waterfall as glowing lights begin to run through the water. Scene looks similar to something in Avatar with everything glowing. Lightning bugs flying around everywhere and Britney dances under the water similar to how she did in the Breathe On Me videos she posted on instagram of her in the bikini. During the "Oh-oh-oh-oh"s before the bridge, the waterfall is a hologram and it shuts off due to low battery and Britney collapses on the floor in sadness.

Bridge: The music continues on with a little extended mix with more of the "Oh-oh-oh-oh"s. The scene pans back far away to the show the view of where she is from the POV from a UFO who's approaching. It hovers right above and beams a light down right on top of her. "Oh no I won't, I promise I promise" Britney begins floating up into the light slowly until she reaches the doors of the UFO and the doors slam shut and the song ends before the final chorus. Right as the doors shut, the screen goes black, ending the mini movie.

Movie has a lot of special effects in it, main/only dance scene being in Man On The Moon, 2 different "Britney"s - God Britney and Astronaut Britney, more scenes in the movie involving tying in real life events with it looking like God Britney is the one who caused them. (i.e. extinction of dinosaurs in Mood Ring), moon was once the Earth until it got burnt out. My brain is just really active and creative a lot, so I thought it would be cool to share and see what you guys think of like a mini movie like this to make people "think" and how to tie in real life events into the story line to make it seem like God Britney created the events.

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For me a Mood Ring video would be like the Pepsi generation and Fantasy twist Commercials. Britney in different costumes and looks. A mood ring is Very 60's/70's in my head (I think it was invented late 70's but whatever).

Man on the moon will be a drunk Britney stumbling around her house. She stumbles out the window and sits on the roof among the stars. She both dreams about the perfect guy and the one she lost.  I picture her doing some type of partner show or contemporary dance that has parts of idea love as well as her actual troubled relationship that she's drinking and crying over.

I'm not sure about a Just Luv me video though.  Something simple but intimate both between Britney and a partner and Britney and the audience.

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