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KingggAnthony you are a LIAR


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Anthony_Steven ⚡‏@KingggAnthony

I am right there with you!!

ItsSally @SalSpearsz

i think im the only stan that hasnt caved in and listened to Glory... 5 more days ! lol



Seriously, I can not take this guy. I'm sure that he has heard Glory but only by appearing infront of Britney´s team, he lies in this way.

There is nothing wrong with listening to the album if after what you buy.


you know i know you know i know

you´re a liar :lessons:


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Whatever, but to this person: Get well soon, i listened to it, don't give a **** about anyones opinion about it, because i will buy it, but a flight to Mexico is too expensive for me.



+ Don't make a nobody look like a superstar, last time i checked Kim Kardashian has still a tvshow.

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