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It's a grower


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At first I wasn't really feeling DYWCO, but now I absolutely love it:ahhh: It's so groovy, funky, **** and I just want to dance to it! It totally sounds like lace&leather and peepshow mixed together.

I like that it's soo different. Britney trying to revolutionize music again:madance:

Also, the last choreo breakdown in POM slayeeeeed! Those bends!

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1 hour ago, BritintheZone said:

OMG! I forgot about just luv me :unreal: i loved that one in the first hearing but its only a sinppet! I still want it as a second single since its a ballad but maybe third or fourth tbh

I know! It's an instant hit, even bigger than make me. I just hope the snippet is as good as the rest of the song:nydisgust:

1 hour ago, Nick Jonas said:

Are u a grower or a shower? :uknowit:


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