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Justin Timberlake Covers Vanity Fair Italia

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Tormentoni & Pannoloni? They were mentioning his child so I guess it makes sense, but the title literally means Hit songs & Diapers! The thing is that baby diapers are called "pannolini" not "pannoloni", the latter is more used when talking about the diapers used by old people. Hey, at least it rhymes...! :eheeek:

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Just now, A.D. said:

He's a male Taylor Swift...they write stuff about their exes but in reality they should be grateful that they are willing to become their beards :chershade:

I mean, just come out of the ******* closet in order to act less ********* or else you'll end up like your dear friend X-tincta :bey:

i cant wait for him to extinct tbh :trash: hes so gay it hurts tbh, he likes it up his bum every hour, i bet hes organizing gangbangs and makes them sign the contracts so they wont tell, ***** has a loose hole :trash: 

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1 minute ago, A.D. said:

I'm 100% sure his gang bangs include either ***** twinks or senior citizens who wear adult diapers and think they're sugar daddies when in reality they're old farts...no real men wanna mess up their d*cks in his train tunnel sized **** :zoomzoom:

I bet he ***** on all the ***** because his redneck white trash *** has no idea what douche is :trash: 

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2 hours ago, A.D. said:

He's not an attractive closeted guy :grimace:

Colton however, he can murder my **** anytime baby (I still remember when he pretended to be straight...thank God he knows there's nothing like vitamin D...ICK)  tumblr_nra16c2ZSB1up6rjjo1_500.gif

Oh, honey, Colton is a total bottom 100%. Guess he can **** good, too. But that man is a PERFECT bottom all over. :bwink:

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